A Guide On Choosing The Best Garden Blower For Carrying On Your Gardening Tasks At Ease

The garden blower is one of the most useful tools to clean the garden. However, many people think that the garden blowers as noisy, fume-spewing fuel waste, but newer corded and cordless models provide plenty of power without those disadvantages. Unlike before, with remarkable improvements, the garden blowers are becoming more and more compact in size, enhanced features, and large capacity. This proves that manufacturers pay great attention to the needs and tastes of consumers in order to produce optimal products with higher preeminent value. Let’s discover the best garden blowers which are popular today.


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Top 5 Best Garden Blower

Top 1: Greenworks LB-390 40V 110MPH Cordless Axial Blower, 3Ah Battery, and Charger – top one of the first choice

The first ‘handsome guy’ in the girl’s top first choice is ‘Greenwork LB-390 40V 110MPH Cordless Axial Blower, 3Ah Battery, and Charger’. So, what are the outstanding attractions? Let’s find out together!

  •       Plus points

This product is one of the product lines called ’40V Greenworks’ brand. 40V Greenworks Tools are the battery-fueled outdoor power equipment to help the homeowners who want to clean outdoor space.  Almost 40V Greenworks tools are favorite options for many users because they provide powerful performance with plenty of runtimes to get any job done quickly, efficiently, quietly, and all with no emissions. The high-quality equipment of Greenworks has a fast push-button start, lightweight, simple to use, and no gas use. It has 390 CFM / 110 MPH powers to get through the toughest debris. The reason why this’ hot boy’ can get ‘girls’ special attention’ is because it has excellent ability to reduce fatigue with comfort over-molded grip, variable speed trigger, and cruise control. Lightweight design makes yard work easier. Its weight is only 7.9 pounds. It is so comfortable for most users, even the elders. In addition, the most outstanding feature is that it may be met to the speed up 110 miles per hour and maximum airflow capacity of 390 cubic feet per minute. With a cordless design, the adapter also easily provides maximum charging of this machine within 90 minutes. Furthermore, the battery’s USB port charges all handheld electronic devices, including phones and tablets.

  •       Minus point: no significant downside was found.

Top 2: Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower, Green is a top 2nd on the list

Taking second place in the hearts of girls, perhaps this is ‘lovely guy’ called ‘Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower, Green’.  So, let’s explore the interesting plus points of this ‘lovely guy’!

  •       Plus points

This machine comes from the Sun Joe brand. With a cord design, it has a green color. The 6-amp motor of this diminutive dynamo produces a maximum air velocity of up to 155 mph. Lightweight design makes yard work easier. It has a weight of just 3.9 pounds, making it easier to carry it anywhere. Also, the chutes are removable completely. So, it is easy to put in the car trunk, deck box, or broom closet. However, it is only suitable for light-duty housework such as sweeping porches, patios, walkways, decks, garages, and light snow.

  •       Minus point: With a corded design, sometimes it is inconvenient for users when they have to connect to power electricity. 

Top 3: Leaf Blower – 20V Cordless Leaf Blower with Battery & Charger, Electric Leaf Blower for Yard Cleaning, Lightweight Leaf Blower Battery Powered for Snow Blowing (Battery & Charger Included) is a top 3rd on the list

Although this ‘guy’ is no less than the guys in the first two, ‘this guy’ still ranks at ‘number 3 in the ranking of many girls’. Why?! Let’s take a look at some significant pluses, even minus points of ‘the guy’ called ‘20V Cordless Leaf Blower’ coming from the SnapFresh brand!

  •       Plus points

This leaf blower is orange in color. It is equipped with a powerful copper motor and turbine tech. The copper motor is more beneficial than ordinary motors due to a longer-lasting life and lower energy consumption. In addition, it also uses turbocharging technology to increase the air intake of the machine. The users are going to have a better wind experience (compared to other small blade blowers). 

The reason why I refer to this product as “the lovely guy in the hearts of many girls” is because it has an ultra-lightweight and user-friendly design. This cordless leaf blower’s body weighs under 2.7 pounds. So, with one hand, the users can easily lift it, including the elders. Not only that, the grip is made of a flexible, non-slip, and comfortable rubber material. 

It offers a 2-section configuration of tubes that is suitable for all heights and easy to use. With this machine, with any stance, the users are able to blow leaves without leaning over and extending their arms. 

With a cordless configuration, it is fitted with technology for fast charging. In just an hour, the battery can be fully charged and can run for 25-30 minutes in low-speed mode and 15 minutes in high-speed mode. This battery-powered leaf blower offers two levels of adjustable speeds, which can be quickly switched with a button. The high-speed mode, which is ideal for outdoor yard maintenance, can reach up to 130mph. And the low-speed mode, which is ideal for cleaning car windows and computer hosts, can exceed 60 mph. 

Moreover, with a convenient design, this machine can be assembled in one minute quickly.

  •       Minus point: Although this machine has a lighter weight of under 2.7 pounds, it has a capacity of half compared with Greenworks Cordless Axial Blower (40V). 

Top 4: K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower – 20V 4.0 Ah Lithium Battery Powered Lightweight, Compact 2 in 1 Sweeper & Vacuum for Clearing Dust, Leaf & Snow, Car Vacuum, Patio/Deck/Garden Cleaning, Garage Dusting

The fourth position in this list must include the name “KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V”. With a super-lightweight design, upgraded battery life, and enhanced output, this product can provide sufficient power to blow off wet leaves, garage dusting, and windshield snow. Let’s discover all plus and minus points as follows.  

  •       Plus points

Thanks to the super lightweight design of only 4.4 pounds, KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower is light enough for the one-handed operation which is easier to take it anywhere without fatigue. This machine is equipped with long-lasting power that is upgraded from 2.0Ah to 4.0 Ah battery. It will give the users around 30 minutes of run time cord-free. The users can take it anywhere around the house without worrying about where to plug it in. The battery power indicator light and quick-charge help make it convenient for the users. This product is considered an impressive combination of a portable 2-in-1 cordless blower and a vacuum cleaner. In other words, this blower will immediately transform into a vacuum cleaner with a small load. Although this machine is small in size, it has enormous wind power of up to 20000 rpm. Wet leaves, small rocks, garage dusting, and windshield snow may blow easily. Even strong suction allows users to effortlessly and conveniently vacuum dust, pet hair, crumbled biscuit. Moreover, this manufacturer offers an ultimate set of accessories when buying, including a cordless leaf blower, 20V 4.0Ah Max lithium battery, blow tube, two reusable bags, a fast charger, durable carrying bag. They are all included for the double function use of this upgraded leaf blower. The manufacturer also provides two years of quality warranty for this package as a whole.

  •       Minus points: Although this product is an excellent combination of the 2-in-1 cordless blower and vacuum cleaner, it has a capacity of half compared with Greenworks Cordless Axial Blower (40V). Its capacity is the same as Leaf Blower of SnapFresh brand. However, it has a heavier weight (4.4 pounds) compared with the Leaf Blower SnapFresh brand (2.7 pounds).

Top 5: Greenworks 24252 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery, and Charger Included

Next, the friendly guy at the fifth position on the list is ‘cousin of the handsome guy at the first top’ – coming from Greenwork brand. This ‘friendly guy’ is called ‘Greenworks 24252 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower’. So, what are the outstanding attractions for this ‘friendly guy’? Let’s find out together! 

  •       Plus points

The first plus point is a lightweight design (only 3.3 pounds) and able to be met speed up to 150 miles per hour. It is proven that this machine is more dominant than ‘his cousin’ – called  ‘Greenworks LB-390 40V 110MPH Cordless Axial Blower’ in the first top (7.9 pounds and 110 miles per hour). The second plus point is that it is powered by a battery that is fully charged quickly. This battery is a new lithium-ion GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp-hour battery that offers more power and longer run time. The third plus point is that it is equipped with an extension tube that helps increase the effectiveness of the reach and blower. The final plus point is that there are six variable-speed dials for the users to easily switch the desired wind speed.

  •       Minus point: Although this machine is designed for smooth operation and less noise, the noise level is recorded as being reached 53 dB whilst its ‘Greenworks LB-390 40V 110 MPH Cordless Axial Blower’ is not.

Important features

In business, being first with a product is more profitable than having the best product. As you should know, the top 6 above all have two common features: a lightweight design and high-speed airflow. Perhaps, these are the tastes that the users are often interested in when purchasing a garden blower. We can call these two features priority features. Then, we can mention whether the machine is cordless (powered by a rechargeable battery) or corded (have to be plugged into the power source) for the next feature. This aims to increase the convenience for the users in moving it everywhere. In addition, for some models, it is possible to integrate with the function as a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner (e.g. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V – top 4).


How does Greenworks LB-390 40V 110MPH Cordless Axial Blower work on wet leaves on grass and driveways?

For medium to light-duty chores, this blower works well. It can blow dry leaves enough off hard and grass surface areas. Depending on the volume, it may be able to blow some wet leaves.

What about the SnapFresh leaf blower warranty?

A 12-month guarantee on all items is offered by the SnapFresh brand.

Is there a warranty for the K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower?

On all goods, the KIMO brand offers a 2-year warranty.

For K I M O Cordless Leaf Blower, what does it mean that while charging, the battery has different color lights?

The battery is fully charged when the charger’s green light is on. The red light is off when charging is completed. A fully-charged battery takes around 1 hour.

How long does it take to completely charge the battery for the Greenworks 24252 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower?

The 2Ah battery requires approximately 60 minutes to charge.

In conclusion, if we wish to purchase the best garden blower, all the above information in the top 6 listed should be considered. Certainly, on the market, with fierce competition in designs and functions, there will be a lot of different products from different brands to make options. However, basically, the top 6 above has partly met the basic and most preeminent user needs. Our goal is to provide objective assessments for customers, which brand among the list is the best, all of which is up to personal priority. Personally, my favorite brand is ‘Greenworks LB-390 40V 110 MPH Cordless Axial Blower’ ranked in the top 1st. It is considered ‘a king’ in the hearts of many people because of its 3 outstanding features that are a lightweight design, high-speed airflow, and cordless equipment. Let’s call one name in your heart now!

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