Relax after a long working day with these best whirlpool tubs

Imagine after a long day of working, you can go home and relax in a bathtub that has waves, massages, or aeration. How wonderful and amazing it is! The whirlpool tub is one of the products that bring many health benefits to people from beauty to weight loss, helping to reduce stress and bringing you the most comfortable moments.

Whirlpool tub products have been widely used in recent times, but choosing to buy a good whirlpool tub is always a question of many users. To evaluate a good product, it takes a process of user experience and reviews from many sides to get an accurate judgment. Let’s discover with us the top 5 best whirlpool tubs in this article!


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Top 5 best whirlpool tubs to consider 

Top 1: WOODBRIDGE Whirlpool Water Jetted And Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

High-quality material

This brand notices much about the customer experience and the durability of a whirlpool tub. Therefore, this product is built-in 100% high gloss white LUCITE acrylic material – one of the top quality materials to produce a whirlpool tub. It is hard for you to find the same products with this material so its price is quite expensive. Moreover, it chooses stainless steel for its sanitary full-draining jets that make the whirlpool tub be a long-lasting product. You can use it for many years without worrying about how often you have to change into the new one.

Massage function

There are 10 adjustable body massage jets and 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets to serve the bathing time the most comfortable. It uses water to massage. Water is discharged into the tank through a filter tape that creates pressure to spray through nozzles. These nozzles combine to create air and water discharge currents. This whirlpool tub helps you to relax tired muscles, ease blood circulation and increase the strength of the body.

Easy maintenance

Being concerned about wasting much time on cleaning a whirlpool tub? With this product, the cleaning process is becoming easy and convenient. It is impervious to a wide scope of family synthetics and restorative items.

Minus point: the bubble produced from this whirlpool tub may quickly disappear.

Top 2: American Standard Deep Soaking Tub

Good design

There are 3 different colors: gray, linen and white for you to choose the most suitable one put in your bathroom. Delicately combining the colors of the tub with the bathroom color is sure to create the perfect space right in your home. The size of this product is deep and roomy so your body can be comfortable under the hot water. Moreover, it provides wide contoured lumbar support and molded armrests.

High-quality material

Glossy acrylic with durable fiberglass reinforcement is chosen to design this whirlpool tub. It does not stain or rust after a long time using. It comes with many functions such as foam-generating massage, back massage, or bot-forming aeration.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the high-quality material, you do not need to take much time to clean or maintain this whirlpool tub. It is easy to do without any support and you just need to clean it once in 3 months. 

Minus point: this whirlpool tub is a bit slippery, therefore, you need to be careful when using it.

Top 3: Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

High-quality material

This whirlpool tub uses two main types of materials that are high gloss white LUCITE acrylic and stainless steel. These materials bring the best quality because they have the best resistance to stains and dusty. Moreover, stainless steel can withstand a force up to 1000 LBS. And you do not need to worry about slippery issues since it meets ASTM standards for keeping users safe when using the product.

Good design

It brings a feeling of luxury and chic style. This whirlpool tub is designed with sloping lines that both create more space for you to relax and fit into a variety of bathroom spaces.  Its size is deep and large, therefore, it can be suitable for 2 people to take bath together.

Good customer service

If you have any questions or problems about this whirlpool tub, do not hesitate to text or call the hotline of this brand. It offers the best customer service to serve your most satisfaction. Also, the product is in a good and solid package while delivery so there is no trouble happening.

Minus point: the drain system of this whirlpool tub has very little clearance to the floor.

Top 4: American Standard Whirlpool with Hydro Massage System-I

High-quality material

The main material that makes up this whirlpool tub is Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. It creates a high shine, and makes cleaning easier, so the Monaco bathtub prevents stains, does not discolor, ensures aesthetics and high durability more than whirlpool products made of ceramic or wood materials as before.

Good functions

Water is discharged into the tank through a filter tube using a 1 × 1.0HP surf pump system, creating pressure spraying through nozzles that are installed around the wall of the tank on the motor. The whirlpool tub will add tiny air bubbles to the water. The air goes through the aerator heads located at the bottom of the tub to create effervescent bubbles to relax tired muscles, ease the circulation of blood, and strengthens the body.

Minus point: no significant disadvantage was found.

Top 5: Signature Bath LPI16-W-RD Drop-In Whirlpool Bathtub

High-quality material

This whirlpool tub is made of extra-thick Lucite brand acrylics. This material has high gloss and is durable over time without causing clinging as well as making it easy for users to clean after each use. Moreover, this product has a pump with a double safety valve system, automatically disconnecting power when something goes wrong. Therefore, you can make sure to enjoy your bathing time in this whirlpool tub after working and studying.

Good functions

This whirlpool tub has two functions: water and aeration and is equipped with a full range of equipment such as: head pillow, eye, massage, aeration, hand shower, water supply hose, control system, pump, … It brings a great sense of relaxation, reduces stress and leaves your skin youthful, anti-aging.

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Why should I buy the best whirlpool tubs?

A whirlpool tub is a place where your family members can freely soak, enjoy the pleasant feelings after many hours of work, study, and stressful activities. This is also the place where you can immerse yourself in cool water in summer and warm water in winter to help your body absorb essential nutrients from various natural essential oils.

The function of the whirlpool tub, in addition to the normal soaking bath feature, is also arranged for massage eyes on the body of the tub, using these hydraulic whirls to create gentle massage water jets. Soaking in a whirlpool tub helps you to improve the process of eliminating waste in the body, sleep, and eliminate insomnia. Regularly soak in the water bath with massage water jets will help decrease joint stiffness and pain, improve muscle elasticity so it is very good for bones and joints.

At the same time, soaking in the whirlpool tub also improves blood circulation, deepens breathing, and contributes to alleviating nervous stress. Relax in the whirlpool tub, you can feel the regeneration of cells after a tiring day of work. From there, the immune system increases, against the invasion of bacteria. Bathing with a whirlpool tub is also a form of therapy, protecting the body both inside and outside.

How can I choose the right whirlpool tub for my family?

There are many people with different ideas and preferences in your family, therefore, choosing the most suitable whirlpool tub is not an easy task. We recommend for you some considered things before purchasing any products below:

  • Bathroom space: Whirlpool tubs come in many different designs and sizes. Before choosing to buy a bathtub, you have to look at the bathroom space of your home, what is the intended size of the bathtub to choose the right type of it. For example, the corner type of the whirlpool tub is suitable if you have a small bathroom. 
  • Material: Currently, there are 5 types of specialized materials used in the structure of bathtubs, including Composite, Acrylic, Acrylic pearl, Galaxy, and Crystal. In more detail, the composite bath made of fiberglass material is now popularly used in the home because of its low product price. On the other hand, an Acrylic pearl bath covered outside by a layer of beautiful pearls is more expensive. This is the bathtub model rated the most environmentally friendly.
  • Pumping system: Its capacity depends on the number of nozzles used and the volume of water required to function. Therefore, some designs are equipped with only one pump (its 800-900 watt output is more than enough). Larger models are typically equipped with at least 2 pumps, with a total output of 1500 watts. 

Best whirlpool tub FAQs

How long should I stay in a whirlpool tub?

How long should I stay in a whirlpool tub? 15 to 30 minutes is the best time for you to stay in a whirlpool tub. Contingent upon the variables at play (for example water temperature), you could stretch out your drench to 45 minutes. If you stay in the whirlpool tub for too long or too short a time, it will be harmful to your health.

How can I maintain the whirlpool tub in its best quality?

You should clean your whirlpool tub every 3 months to make it a long-lasting product. It requires 8 steps:

  • Fill the whirlpool tub with heated water to a fitting level.
  • Add two to four tablespoons of low-frothing dishwasher cleanser.
  • Outside acceptance to the greatest and run whirlpool jets for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Channel the tub.
  • Close air acceptance and top off the tub with high temp water to a proper level and afterward add one cup of family dye.
  • Re-outside acceptance to the most extreme and run whirlpool jets for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Drain the tub totally and top it off with cold water.
  • Finally, flush off the tub surface.

Can children take a bath in a whirlpool tub?

It is better that you should not let children stay in a whirlpool tub, especially infants. The most important reason is that the water inside a whirlpool tub is always hot and young children can’t regulate their body temperature as we can. Moreover, the suction that pulls the water out may be strong for children, leading to some dangerous problems.

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