What is the best washing machine cleaners? Have a glance at the following review.

Just like you washing clothes every day as it is a must, your machine also needs cleaning surely. Some people think that using detergents for clothes is also beneficial for the machine and there is no need for a cleaner anymore. However, it is not true, since cleaners are specifically designed for washing machines and it works better. How are their performances better than clothes detergent itself? You will find your answer at the end of this, but first and foremost, take a look at the top 5 of the best washing machine cleaners.


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Top 5 best washing machine cleaners you should know

Top 1: Affresh W10501250 Washing Machine Cleaner

Plus points:

  • Specially Formulated: This product is specially formulated to remove odor-causing residues and grime that your daily loads still leave behind, for your washing machine to be far cleaner.
  • Safe for all washer components: Have you ever thought that your washer might be adversely affected by using irrelevant cleaners? I can understand if you have imagined the aforementioned situation because simply I did, too. But don’t worry when it comes to this product, as it is totally safe for all washer components and no unwanted damage found.
  • Multiple tablets: You don’t want to waste more money on ineffective cleaners and just wanna focus on using this only? Alright, there are up to 6 tablets every package sent to you to make sure the quintessence of cleaning technology is widely applied in your house multiple times also. It is convenient, isn’t it?
  • Fast and furious: The product specializes in washing machine assistance only, for both front load and top load designs, thus, you can expect it works as quickly as possible, saving your time and effort at the same time.

Minus point:

  • I wouldn’t recommend this cleaner if you want long-lasting protection against odor-causing residues and etc…

Top 2: Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide

Plus points:

  • Effective: With its special ingredients selected, this washing machine cleaner cleans away every residue and deposit from all corners of the surface in your washer, enhancing the productivity of your device to the maximum level.
  • Quick and safe: If you are still considering a product that can be 100% unharmful to your washing machines while still function effectively, here you are! This cleaner is claimed to be safe for every washing machine component, causing no harm for not only the device itself but also protect you from the potential risk of a low-quality cleaner.
  • Highly-applicable: It works well on both high-efficient and low-efficient machines, for a wide range of choices and ensures adaptability no matter what model you are using.
  • Good customer service: You cannot get disappointed with timely and caring support from the team in charge of customer service and warranty, because, for the most part, they care about your problems and try their best to address them in no time.

Minus point:

  • The scent is actually not pleasant to a variety of customers, so it might be a reason for you not to like the product, but still should give it a try, anyway. 

Top 3: Eco-Gals Eco Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner

Plus points:

  • Efficient: No one probably wants their machine to be smelly affected by odor or nasty residues. This is your viable solution because it is so efficient that you can basically love your dream while the washing machine cleans itself with ease.
  • No problems with smell: Loads of customers tell me about their bad experience related to the smell of many products on the market but for this one, as it eliminates odors without loud perfumes as well as fragrances.
  • Environment-friendly: Its formulation is on the basis of fresh, green ingredients not to do harm to the environment, meaning that your health would be alright as well. Such a two-in-one cleaner! You don’t need to compromise cleanliness over health and the environment and vice versa.
  • Valuable service: With a package being inclusive of 60 days of guarantee, you have more time to experience and even get a new replacement for flawed products if demonstrated.

Minus point:

  • The size of every tablet is kinda small, chances are you have to use more than one tab for every cleaning. 

Top 4: OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters

Plus points:

  • Highly-adaptable: All of us want just one stone, we can kill two birds, and that is actually possible when it comes to this washing machine cleaner. It takes no time to think about what type will suit your machine, as it works well for almost all kinds of devices, whether yours is a top load or front load model.
  • Highly-efficient: Chances are you don’t want your money to be thrown away for a product that cannot even clean your machine well, you deserve for what you have paid. If so, this cleaner can fulfill your expectation of a product that effectively contributes to cleaning tasks as such.
  • Time-saving: Don’t be worried about the term called “time-consuming” anymore, because this product literally requires you to apply once a month only for the best effect, saving your time for another essential thing.

Minus point:

  • The smell of the product is still something unbearable to some people who are odor-sensitive. 

Top 5: Hiwill Washing Machine Cleaner Effervescent Tablets

Plus points:

  • Recently produced: Some people are not willing to purchase products that have been produced for such a long time, as they are afraid of their machines being damaged somehow, and probably so are you. If so, this cleaner can solve the problem, since it is sold like hotcakes, meaning no redundant products remain.
  • Effective: It dissolves and releases active elements to completely remove residues with ease as sure as hell, for your whole washing machine to be clean and as fresh as new.
  • Time-saving: Once in a month of cleaning is enough for a clean and fresh device, even it lengthens the lifespan of your washer, believe me, as this product has triple decontamination features, strongly penetrating and decomposing dirt.
  • Practical: Specifically designed to address every problem related to washing machines, this cleaner is compatible with front load, top load machines surely, and you can simply apply it to the bathroom floor and toilet bowl likewise.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to imagine intricate steps, just empty your washer, place a couple of tablets, then soak and run a cleaning cycle for residues to wipe away, and you have your machine refreshed at once. It is super easy, isn’t it?

 Minus point:

  • The smell of the product is not that enjoyable to inhale, whether intentionally or indeliberately. 

How to choose the best washing machine cleaners?

When it comes to selecting the best washing machine cleaner in the list for your device, there are a couple of things you need to think about before all. Most products are designed to eliminate odors, bacteria, and mold, so on and so forth. However, you actually need to consider a few questions before choosing.

  • What is the specific issue you are having with your washing machine that gets on your nerves? 
  • Do you simply need an overall cleaner or one that particularly tackles hard water or grease as well?
  • Are you susceptible to smells? If so, you might want to think of a fragrance-free option instead.
  • Are you or your family members vulnerable to allergens? A cleaner for sensitive skin might work far better for you as sure as hell.

It’s essential to consider all your available options when selecting the best washing machine cleaner for you and your family. Furthermore, there are some types of cleaners:


A liquid or gel washing machine cleaner is a very easy-to-apply option. It is scientifically proven that most of these cleaners go in the detergent drawer or sometimes washer drum for a hot-water wash cycle for sure. Liquid and gel cleaners generally hit all the corners inside a washer that are challenging to reach by hand. Liquid cleaners wash away effortlessly, so you will not be left with remnants of the cleaner the next time you do your washing. They won’t leave behind any sign of gunk or even powder residue.


Obviously, washing machine cleaner tablets can be able to dissolve throughout the cleaning cycle. Their slow-acting formula is supposed to basically break down tough residue and right away flushes it away. They’re a lot simple to use. You just have to toss them in the empty washer on a hot-water cycle and then have your work done. Best of all, tablets are convenient to store without loads of worry related because one pouch of tablets is able to hold months worth of grime-fighting capability surely. There’s less chance of spills or messes with tablets than others as well.


Washing machine cleaner spray is transparently another quick and easy option for consideration, too. Most of them don’t need a wash cycle to perform their job, and some don’t require wiping or rinsing. Just spray it and forget about it and then you have a fresh machine. In the sense that they’re so convenient, they’re ideal for everyday use. It’s a cost-effective way to keep smells and of course bacteria at bay. Sprays can be applied in the washer drum and likewise for cleaning machine surfaces for sure, such as buttons and rubber door seals where most pods or liquid cleaners can’t reach and help you clean.

Best washing machine cleaners FAQs:

Why does the washing machine smell and how to handle it naturally?

The main reason washing machines smell is soap scum. A combination of dirt and debris makes the smell become very unpleasant. Frequent maintenance of your washing machine and a couple of tender loving care will fast and furious remove the smell. In case you cannot find washing machine cleaners, 1/4 cup of baking soda with the same part water will be perfect for the detergent container as well as about two cups of white vinegar whilst that run a normal high heat cycle with no clothes will actually clean the machine right away, but I am not sure about the effectiveness as compared to washing machine cleaners. 

Why does the washing machine not spin?

Worn carbon brushes are known to be the more common culprit as to why your washing machine isn’t spinning after much effort. Your washing machine may not spin in the sense that you’re likely running an uneven load. Too little of a load or vice versa can both cause problems. Excessive vibrations from an uneven load may actually cause damage to your washing machine, hence, you should always be careful when loading your washing machine.

Why doesn’t the washing machine open for cleaning?

If the washing machine doesn’t drain properly, there is a high likelihood that the door will not open. You need to make sure you drain before opening. The thermal lock also may be deterring the door from opening itself. In this case, you can unplug your washing machine and wait around minutes to fix this. 

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