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One of your most precious possessions is your house. If you ask any real estate agent, they will tell you that aside from the number of rooms in a house, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most popular areas for potential buyers to look at. Installing modern bathroom fixtures, such as a great toilet, increases the average value of your home significantly.

When purchasing a new toilet, however, there are several considerations to remember. It’s important to look at all of the various model styles and features and ensure that you have the right toilet for your needs. Flush form, bowl shape, seat height, and price are all factors to consider. Below, we’ll go over the features to look for when buying a new toilet, as well as a rundown of some of the best toilet models for your house.


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Top 5 best toilet for your house

Top 1: TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Round Universal Height Toilet


  • Thanks to its low 1.28-gallon flush capacity, this TOTO model will save you money on your water bill. Despite its low water use, the TOTO has a 3-inch-wide flush valve and a large siphoning jet and trap way, which provides plenty of flushing capacity.
  • This toilet, with its round bowl, is just 26.5 inches long and has a rough-in depth of 12 inches, making it ideal for small bathrooms. A tank to bowl gasket is supplied, as well as bolts for securing the tank to the toilet. There is no seat or wax ring included with this toilet.
  • TOTO’s budget-friendly model has simple lines and a rounded tank and bowl at a price that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Cons:  no downside was found. 

Top 2: Swiss Madison Well Made Forever


  • Swiss Madison has developed a sleek one-piece toilet. It has a simple, uncluttered style with a fully skirted trap way that is both attractive and easy to clean.
  • It features a Tornado dual-flush mechanism, which allows you to use more water when there is more waste to flush while still conserving water when possible.
  • It also has a soft-close seat that is intended to prevent noisy crashes caused by slammed toilet seats. It will close gently and quietly on its own.
  • The seat can also be removed easily for cleaning. 
  • It includes everything you’ll need to put it together, including the bolt caps and wax fitting.
  • If you want a toilet with a simple, sleek, and contemporary design that will bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom, this may be a choice. It’s also a good choice because it’s moderately priced for such a beautiful toilet.


  • Please be aware that this toilet does not have a standard shape, and you will not be allowed to use standard-shaped toilet seats for it; instead, you will need to purchase seats that are specifically made for this toilet.

Top 3: Summer Realistic Potty Training Toilet


  • The realistic design resembles that of an adult toilet. It guarantees a comfortable and confident transition to the real thing.
  • The interactive handle has a flush sound that replicates the real thing.
  • Soft foam potty topper that can be removed
  • For easy storage on your adult toilet, a potty topper hook is provided.
  • Full-size storage compartment built-in. The potty chair’s huge built-in storage space is 7″ tall and large enough to accommodate books, tablets, wipes to encourage good grooming practices, and other motivating things that help with potty training.
  • To make emptying and washing the potty smoother, it has a flip-up lid, a removable easy-clean tub, and an optional splash protector.

Cons:  no downside was found. 

Top 4: WOODBRIDGE High One Piece Short Compact Bathroom Toilet

This toilet is a striking addition to a master bathroom, with a sleek look improved by its one-piece design.


  • It has stainless steel seat hinges that will last for a long time.
  • The toilet’s clean lines make it simple to clean, with little grooves and crevices to contend with.
  • It has siphon technology for a quiet but efficient flush that keeps clogs to a minimum. To save water, a dual-flush arrangement allows for 1-gallon and 1.6-gallon flushes.
  • For convenience, the seat is set at a higher-than-average height of 15 1/2 inches, making it comparable to a regular chair.
  • The average length of the elongated bowl is 24 3/8 inches.
  • The preinstalled integrated soft closing seat avoids banging.
  • A wax ring, a water fitting, and floor bolts are included with this toilet. This toilet has a 12-inch rough-in.


  • Installation by a professional is required.
  • It’s not cheap.

Top 5: American Standard Toilet

Overall, a solid, no-nonsense toilet with decent flushing capacity and water-saving is a perfect option. If you’re searching for those features in a bathroom, this might be this model for you.


  • The advanced flushing system in this elegant, classic-style toilet from the well-known brand American Standard is both effective and water-efficient.
  • The PowerWash rim on this toilet is special. Water is drawn into the rim chamber as you flush, creating pressurized air. The water is then pushed out through holes in the bottom by the breeze, giving the bowl a thorough clean with high-pressure water. Water is then pumped into the bowl jet, which triggers the siphon and removes all of the contents of the bowl, leaving none behind. As a result, the bowl is empty, with nothing sticking to it and nothing left in it after the flush.
  • This toilet uses less water per flush to produce the same performance as most toilets thanks to the high-powered flushing system. Namely, it uses 1.28 – 1.6 gallons of water per flush and is WaterSense approved. It has a 2-inch trap way.
  • This toilet comes in a round or elongated shape and stands 15 inches tall to the rim. The water surface is 9″ x 8″ in size. The toilet is made up of two pieces and has a flush handle.


  • It’s a little pricey, but it’s well worth it.

Important Features to Consider

Several aspects help you distinguish toilet types, all of which may affect their comfort and functionality.


When looking for a new bathroom, size is the most important factor to consider. If you’re replacing an existing toilet, you’ll need to know the “rough-in” size, which is the gap between the wall and the floor drain.

The normal width is 12 inches, but if you live in an older house, you might have a rough-in of 10 inches or 14 inches. This calculation will assist you in selecting a toilet that is the right size for your space and can be conveniently assembled using the current plumbing.

Toilet Style

When you shop, you’ll come across a few different toilet types. The two-piece toilet, of which the bowl is separate from the tank and must be bolted on during construction, is perhaps the most common.

There are also one-piece toilets, which are made of a single piece of material. While this style is more costly, many people find it easier to clean.

There are also wall-mounted toilets, which have a sleek, modern appearance. This design, on the other hand, is more difficult to install, necessitating extra bracing as well as plumbing changes if you’re transitioning from a “standard” toilet.


The rim of a regular toilet is 14 to 15 inches from the ground. There are also versions with a rim height of 17 to 19 inches, which are marketed as “comfort height” toilets because the extra height makes them easy to sit on and exit. 

If you or anyone in your family has restricted mobility, search for a toilet that is ADA-approved, since these toilets have a rim that is at least 16.5 inches off the ground, making them more usable.

Flushing Technology

The majority of toilets use a gravity-flush mechanism to push water and its contents out of the tank. This form of flushing machine is very common because it is quiet and needs minimal maintenance.

There are, however, newer flushing systems available. For example, you might come across pressure-assisted flushing technology, which pressures water into the bowl using pressurized air. Dual flush toilets allow you to choose either a full or partial flush based on what you’re washing out of the pipe.

These newer models each have their own set of advantages but bear in mind that they’re normally more costly and need more upkeep.

Water Usage

Today’s regulations mandate toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush, meaning you won’t have to think about your fresh toilet wasting water.

High-efficiency toilets, on the other hand, use just about 1.1 to 1.2 gallons per wash, conserving much more water.

Bowl Shape

Many people aren’t aware that different-shaped toilet bowls exist unless they’re in the market for one. When purchasing a new toilet, though, you would have to make a major decision.

When looking at different items today, you’ll notice two typical toilet bowl types. Elongated bowls have a more rounded appearance and are advertised as being more convenient to sit in. Round bowls, on the other hand, are a few inches narrower, making them suitable for bathrooms with limited space.

Noise Level

If your new toilet will be built in an area where noise is an issue, such as next to your bedroom or your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to think about how noisy it is.

Gravity-flush toilets are the quietest in general, and some toilets have specially built fill valves that make them much quieter. If you’re concerned about noise, you should buy a quiet-close lid, which prevents it from slamming shut.


White is the most popular toilet hue, but you can also see black, green, tan, and even bright colors like pink or purple.

Special Features

Toilets with “extra” features, like pretty much every other household object, can be found for an added price.

There are versions of touchless flushing, for example, where the flush is enabled by merely waving the hand. Heated benches, overflow security, night lights, bidet capability, self-cleaning, and other innovative technologies are included. These choices, on the other hand, may not only lift the initial cost of your bathroom, but they could also necessitate more regular maintenance over its lifespan.

Best Toilet FAQs

How can you determine the size of a toilet?

The rough-in measurement is the best way to measure for a new toilet. Measure from the wall to the toilet’s drain hole’s center. To ensure a good fit, make sure this suits the toilet rough-in measurement.

You can also weigh the toilet’s length from the back of the tank to the front edge of the bowl to make sure it won’t take up too much space in the bathroom.

What is the best way to unclog a toilet?

A chemical or manual procedure should be used to unclog a toilet. If you have a plunger, insert it into the bowl so that it blocks the drain hole and creates as strong a seal as possible. Make sure there’s enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger’s head to provide adequate suction. Start plunging slowly until the clog is cleared.

If you don’t have access to a plunger, mix one cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar and dump it down the toilet drain. The mixture will blow up, loosening some toilet clog.

How do you scrub a toilet with rough water stains?

To begin, fill the toilet bowl with 1 cup of vinegar. Mix it in with the water with a brush, then set it aside for a few minutes. Add a cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to the water, which will allow water to fizz and bubble. Scrub the stains with a brush after 10 minutes. Allow another 30 minutes for the mixture, scrub again to completely remove the stains, then flush. Water stains can be removed with certain toilet bowl cleaners.

Why does my toilet continue flushing?

If your toilet continues to run after it has finished filling the tank, the flapper, which is the rubber piece that covers the drain at the bottom of the tank, will most likely need to be replaced. The flapper plays a role to create a watertight seal over the drain while the toilet doesn’t work. If the flapper is faulty, it will not seal correctly, allowing water to spill into the bowl continuously.

What’s the only way to fix my toilet pump?

If your toilet pump, also known as the fill valve, is making screeching sounds or taking a long time to fill the toilet, it’s usually that the fill valve has been clogged with sediment, stopping it from refilling the water with fresh water after each flush. The fill valve must be replaced with a new one.

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