Best Space Heaters For The Bedroom

Winter’s actually coming up! The sun has gone so far and that’s the succession of something extremely freezing, even colder than your ex’s heart, probably. At this time of year, annually, we see many homeowners and business owners start taking space heaters into account for the sake of warmth. If you are one of the people listed below wondering if their space heater is safe to use, or what type of heaters you need to purchase, you should take a look at my list of the top 5 of the best space heaters for the bedroom. I am not sure that my opinion works well with a vast variety of customers, but at least you have a reliable source of information to lean on. 


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Top 5 Best Space Heaters For The Bedroom

Top 1 of the best space heaters for the bedroom: “Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500W/750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use”

  • Plus points:

Two-in-one heater fan: No matter when you are in, winter or summer, you probably sometimes need a heater, and if so, this one is a good fit for you surely. With two heat levels, the thermostat control of the heater will turn it off when it reaches the temperature that is set previously, and then turn the heater back on when the thermostat setting indicates that the temperature dips below the preset standard. 

Multi-protection safety system: This product is made of flame-retardant material, meaning that you don’t have to be concerned about fire hazards at any time. Automaticity will decide which time is proper to shut the heater off, typically when it overheats, and turn the heater on appropriately later on.

Compact but powerful: This portable mini heater with a built-in carry handle has great potential for low electrical bills without any centralized heaters used for warming the entire house involved. 

Quiet and fast: With the noise always remaining lower than 45 decibels, this heater is perfectly suitable for bedroom space while being sound asleep. Furthermore, you are kinda surprised that its speed is pretty high, thanks to ceramic heating technology applied so far. 

  • Minus points: On the highest settings, from time to time, the heater may turn off after only a couple of minutes of warming up. 

Top 2 of the best space heaters for the bedroom to take notice of: “AUZKIN Heater, Space Heater and Portable Electric Oscillating Heater with Over-Heat Protection and Tip-Over Protection and 1s Quick Heating and Small and Quiet and Suitable for Office Home Use”

  • Plus points:

Quick heating: With ceramic heating elements provided, this electric heater can actually heat up the air circulating around your room within 1 second. From now on, there will be no loads of clothes layers needed even when you are still at home.

Easy to use: Consider yourself to be tech-illiterate? Don’t mind, because everyone is inherently tech-blind before turning into tech-professional and you are not an exception also. Especially, this device is designed to be super easy to manipulate as a plus point. 

All-season options: My kids are extremely interested in the two-mode heat of this product as they can literally customize their personal living space every time having no-me around. The bigger kid loves the feeling of being in the library so he chooses the lowest noise quite often. 

Portable personal heater: I gotta say that this is too portable to be true, easy to take along anywhere with its built-in handle. Today you need it for the living room as your boss comes around, tomorrow you take it back to your bedroom, it is basically okay. 

Overheat protection: Nothing is better than having a product that is able to be protectively operated, and I am happy to share with you that this brand can offer such a thing. It is very safe for use while you perform reading, working tasks, or just sleeping, or even looking for recreational activities.

  • Minus point: The only problem detected is that it doesn’t have a thermostat shutoff when getting to a certain temperature as per expectation. 

Top 3 of the best space heaters for your bedroom: “AUZKIN Small Space Heater Oscillating Heater and Fast Heating Ceramic Desk Heater With Overheat Protection and Tip-Over Protection For Office”

  • Plus points:

Ceramic technology: The latest update of ceramic technology is better providing 2S quick heating, and simultaneously generating enough heat for cutting back on more redundant energy, being good for the environment as such.

Safer: Tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat protection makes this unique among other candidates on the list. Once, I remembered my little kid unintentionally touched the heater, being from a far distance, I desperately got closer with anxiety but everything turned out to be still under control as the heater sensor could automatically shut off itself.

Two heat settings: You can think about using the fan mode for summer only and turn the high-heat mode alternatively when the winter knocks on the door with cold wind and freezing temperature likewise. 

  • Minus point: The warming feature seems not to go very far, and you may not be comfortable having it close to your bed so as to feel it.

Top 4 of the best space heaters used for the bedroom: “Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater – Black”

  • Plus points:

Cozy environment: Not taking up a great deal of space inside, this compact device warms up your interior corners no matter what size it is. When you simply need an extra bit of warmth on a chilly night, you may think of activating it right away. There is also a range of places that this can be a good fit, such as office, den or any other narrow areas around.

Quick heating: On the basis of conventional forced-air space heaters, this generation steps up to a more efficient way of operation by utilizing a naturally-conducive ceramic element enabling the product to fast-and-furious heat up. 

Safety by design: This compact device is built to be used in close quarters, it comes with a sturdy base and tip-over protection for the sake of safety as much. 

  • Minus point: For some kinda unknown reasons, the chemicals from the plastic are horrid and persistently give you a headache when you are smell-sensitive. 

Top 5 of the best space heaters for the bedroom to be warmer: “GAIATOP Space Heater, Energy Efficient Small Space Heater for Bedroom,PTC Ceramic Electric Space Heater for Office and Home Motorhome”

  • Plus points:

Safety in hand: As I said previously, I was extremely worried when my little kids touched the heater but it relieved my anxiety on account of its special feature specifically designed in the name of safety and chances are you still share the same feeling when it comes to purchasing and using this heater.

Unique design: I little by little grow fonder of the product as it features a removable triangular wooden stand with slip-resistant silicone for more stability, what you just get to know only when you have already used it. 

Durable material: It is obvious that the more long-lasting materials are taken advantage of, the more contented customers will feel. Psychologically speaking of customer feelings based on my own, I find this heater is worth the money I paid for.  

  • Minus point: As stylish and long-lasting as the heater is, the metal portion gets very hot after a short time of use. 

Important factors to consider:

Why do you need to have a space heater for the bedroom?

  •  Safe and Reliable

With no burning materials or any other toxic gases as conventional methods of heating, this kind of heating is the safest possible heating solution for your home with kids and old people. Most methods of electrical heating feature no moving parts meaning that there is less chance of the system may break down, hence your heating system will last for longer than expected.

  • Affordable and Efficient

Being different from gas and oil heating, electric heating costs have remained unchanged over the years. Electricity is now the cheapest choice for heating and is predicted to remain stable for many years. Electric heaters can be wired among rooms, meaning that, if a room is currently not in use, it does not necessarily need to be heated, which can help a house to save energy. Most electric heaters are cheap to install and, as electrical heating systems last longer than other methods of heating, maintenance and replacement costs are basically insignificant.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In the sense that electric heaters are not based on burning anything, no CO2 is released into the atmosphere that may cause air pollution. This type of heating also preserves natural resources, since it does not require fuel to activate. It generates no emissions and reduces the risk of gas leaks also.


What are the differences between radiant and convection heaters?

When heat is emitted right at you it is regarded as “radiant heat”. When you are being affected by the heat around you it is considered “convection heat”, surely. Convection heaters are usually selected when you wish to heat a larger area occupied by a couple of people. Radiant heaters warm up an individual right away when it is unnecessary to heat an entire room also.

Are space heaters safe?

The answer is yes, but not absolutely. Space heaters are safe to use and need to meet several consumer safety standards. Safety issues happen when space heaters are not used appropriately or in a safe manner as well. The commonplace causes of space heater fires may be:

  • Using a space heater so close to flammable items may pose a hazard.
  • Using space heaters unattended, meaning you ignore safety instructions.
  • Using a fuel-burning space heater with a dirty chimney may cause problems.

How to remain space heaters safe for use?

  • Keep the area surrounding your space heater clean all the time even when it is not in use. The 3-foot radius around your space heater should be devoid of flammable items like curtains, blankets, and other materials that may cause fire disasters.
  • Keep children away from space heaters all the time for safety purposes. To avoid unintentional burns or tipping the space heater over at times, keep children away from the space heater as long as possible. This means you should always have a child-free zone in the 3-foot area surrounding your space heater for the best use.
  • Never operate a space heater with ignorance of what you are carefully advised to read and read again thousands of times. If a space heater is in operation, an adult who is directly responsible for that should always be present around. Never leave a space heater running when the house is devoid, or while you’re sound asleep as much.
  • You should use the space heater on a flat surface. Sitting a space heater on an unstable surface may cause it to tip over, and may ignite items within reach possibly.
  • Don’t forget to plug your space heater into the wall socket all the time. Do not activate a space heater having an extension cord. Extension cords are not literally meant to be permanent power solutions for some specific reasons. They may overheat, or make someone trip, then knock over your space heater and lead to disaster too.
  • Buy an electric space heater with safety features attached. Models are on offer with automatic shutoff systems automatically turning the unit off if tipped over.

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