Enhance your femininity with these best razors for women below

Shaving is a fully personal decision because not everyone likes to do so. There are many options to shave your body hair to obtain sleek skin, hair-free underarms, and a groomed bikini line. However, shaving is the simplest, fastest, and least painful way.

To ensure a close shave and long-lasting results, the best razors for women combine functionality and efficacy. The best razors for women have flexible rotating heads and ergonomic handles that move with the contours of your body to avoid tugging and discomfort in sensitive skin areas like the underarms and bikini areas. Nowadays, the razors usually come with moisture ribbons and serums, which combine softening and relaxing ingredients to act as a buffer and hydrator for your skin.

It is very difficult when it comes to choosing the best razor for shaving body hair. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the best razors for women. Our top picks for the best razors for women are listed below.


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Top 5 best razors for women [Updated 2021] 

Top 1: Amazon Brand – Solimo 5-Blade Razor for Women

Solimo 5-Blade Razor for Women is a favorite choice of many women. This is because it has a rounded razor cartridge design and a lubricating strip with botanical oils and Vitamin E surrounding the blades. Let’s discover some pros and cons of this item as follows.


The Solimo 5-Blade Razor is the most cost-effective with great performance. This razor comes with 12 blade replacement cartridges and leaves your skin silky smooth with its vitamin E and botanical-enriched moisture ribbon. Its hypoallergenic blades make it ideal for all skin types, and it glides seamlessly over the skin for a quick and relaxed shave. Besides, thanks to its rubbery grip, it is comfortable to use. For the best effectiveness, you should use Solimo shaving cream for a close shave. Furthermore, five blades help to shave skin closely.


  • There are some post-shave stubbles after shaving. Also, it makes users slightly uncomfortable. 
  • Cartridges are only compatible with Solimo Razor Handles. They do not work with other brands.

Top 2: Gillette Venus Tropical Women’s Disposable Razor

Venus female razor blades are made specifically for women’s bodies. Venus Tropical women’s razors provide a comfortable, close shave. These disposable razors for women have three curve-hugging blades and a pivoting head that reacts to changes in your body’s contours. Gillette Venus Tropical women’s disposable razors come in a variety of bright colors and have tropically scented handles. 3- bladed razors have MoistureRich strips with a hint of aloe for glide and a soft protective cushion to protect against nicks and cuts. This item is ideal for a single-stroke shave that is both close and clean. Let’s take a look at some of the item’s most critical features.


  • Disposable razor with three blades and soft protective cushions to prevent cuts and nicks.
  • MoistureRich Strip with a hint of aloe is used for glide
  • Pivoting, rounded head for easy access to difficult-to-shave locations
  • A handle with the design of a tropical fragrance 
  • When the Venus shave is no longer ideal, the fading indicator strip alerts you.

Cons: Moisture strip is designed higher than others. As a result, sometimes the blades cannot get close enough to the skin for a close shave. 

Top 3: Venus Extra Smooth Women’s Razor Blade

Similar to the fourth item, Venus Extra Smooth blade refills help the users to enjoy a close and comfortable shave. These razor refills have 5 blades for a longer-lasting shave and a protective ribbon of moisture for incredibly smooth skin. We will go through some plus and minus points as follows.


The Gillette Venus Extra Smooth has five blades for a super-close shave. However, the “3600 moisture ribbon” will prevent nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Besides, it has a microfine comb, which guides hair to the blades that capture virtually every hair

The pivoting head of the Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women’s Razor glides over knees, ankles, and contours of underarms elbows, calves, and the contours of underarms for a super-close shave.  Moisture ribbon, an extra slip, helps avoid shaving mishaps and irritations. As a result, friction isn’t a problem. However, since the strim is thin, shaving cream can be used to stop wounds.

The disposable blades will last anywhere from three to ten uses, depending on how much you shave and how delicate your skin is. The handle, which is made with 30% recycled plastic, comes with two blade cartridges at first, but you’ll need to order more after that. The handle on the Venus Extra Smooth sits easily in your palm, making it easy to access those hard-to-reach places on the backs of the ankles or under your arms. 

Cons: The downside of this item is that you can’t purchase new replacement blades coming from different brands in case of an emergency. This is because Venus’s blades only match Venus’s razors.

Top 4: BIC Soleil Twilight Women’s 3-Blade Disposable Razor

BIC is known for producing high-quality disposable razors. BIC Soleil Smooth Scented Women’s Disposable Razors, in particular, provide a cleaner, more relaxed shave. It has three blades and a lubricating strip that contains Lanolin and Vitamin E. As you shave, this razor glides quietly across your skin. Its rubber handle provides a secure and comfortable grip. Four disposable razors with lavender-scented handles are included in the package.


  • 3 blades for a more comfortable shave
  • Gliding is improved with a lubricating strip containing Lanolin and Vitamin E.
  • A comfortable grip is provided for additional control.
  • For a relaxing experience, the users can use the lavender-scented handle.
  • 4 disposable razors are included.


  • The only downside is that the moisture bars dissolve pretty quickly. Moisture bars are only used twice.

Top 5: joy Women’s Razor Handle + 4 Razor Blade Refills


Is it possible that someone has dropped their razor in the shower? Yes. Of course. However, Joy solved the problem by creating a silicone wand with a non-slip grip to make shaving smoother. You can use it for a close and long-lasting shave. The Joy Razor comes with two blade cartridges, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of good shave days ahead of you. This cheap women’s razor has a five-blade design that is strengthened with the brand’s irritation-preventing lubrastrip to get close without the pesky nicks and cuts, providing a smooth shave.


  • Sometimes, this razor does get blunt quicker than other razors.

What features can the users base to purchase the best razors for women? 

In this article, we concentrated on cartridge razor systems which require you to purchase the handle once and then refill it with disposable cartridges. They are a more cost-effective and environmental-friendly choice than disposable razors, which require you to dispose of the entire razor when they become blunt.

Since everyone’s shaving needs and hair type are different, there is no one best razor for everyone. However, we discovered important features that make models easier to use and more effective:

  • The first feature is a comfortable handle.  Razors are only dangerous if they slip. Therefore, holding the grip should be both comfortable and safe.
  • The second feature is a few blades. While there is no ideal number of blades on a razor. However, some users revealed that three to five blades are a reasonable range.
  • The third feature is a rounded, oval razor head. Shaving the body’s peaks and valleys necessitates a softer shape. So, the users always appreciate heads with rounded faces and no sharp edges or corners.
  • The last feature is that replacement heads should be inexpensive and widely available. Besides, the handle matching with many types of heads will be a plus point.

How should you use a razor properly to avoid cuts, bumps, itching, soreness?

Shave wet, never dry

To considerably decrease the likelihood of burn and pain, you should use shaving cream, gel, or at the very least water. You should find a cream-based shaving cream that softens the hair and follicles when applied to the skin, resulting in less discomfort when a razor passes over the skin.

Shave in just one direction at a time

Shaving in all directions can cause bumps, annoyance, and ingrown hairs. You should shave your hair in the same direction that it grows. This allows you a closer shave, but the blunt-tipped end of hairs will grow back into the skin rather than up and out.

Remember to moisturize after

It softens the hair and hair follicle, as well as the skin, making ingrown hairs less likely.

Best razors for women FAQs

When do you replace your razor?

When it comes to blade replacement, there is no exact reply. It usually depends on how often you shave and how dry your blade is kept. The ideal time to replace your razor appears to be every two weeks on average. Replacing your blade on a regular basis will keep it sharp and avoid rust. This helps to prevent cuts, bumps, itching, soreness, and the feared razor burn caused by dull blades.

How can you take care of your skin when shaving?

Before shaving, you should exfoliate your legs. You should use a brush to exfoliate the skin. Body brushing is a simple and easy way to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs. You should also use moisturizing once you’ve done shaving to help soothe irritations.

If you have sensitive skin, how do you shave?

There are ways to protect yourself while shaving if you have delicate sensitive skin. To begin, choose a razor with a moisture or lubrication strip, which allows the blade to slide more easily for a closer shave.

You should take a bath before shaving to make the feeling more relaxing. To soften your hair, you can soak in a warm bath. However, before you get in the tub, you should make sure it’s the suitable temperature to stop shaving in a really hot bath or shower. This is because it can irritate your skin even more.

Instead of wiping your skin off with a towel once you’ve done shaving, you should pat it dry.

Should the users use a razor to shave wet or dry?

Shaving cream or lather, as well as water, must be used with razors. You need the lubrication offered by a good lather in order that the blade cuts true and doesn’t scrape against your skin. Before settling on a favorite cream, you should try a few shaving creams. This is because the best blade and razor are always just as good as you choose the cream being suitable for your skin and the razor.

Should the users lend my razor to a friend or family member?

The handle may be shared, but the blade can never be shared. Even though you don’t see any blood, it’s always possible that you’ve nicked your skin. Even microscopic blood traces shared with a friend or stranger may result in serious illnesses. So, before giving your razor to someone else, you should replace the blade with a new one.

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