Make The Warmest Welcome To Your Guest With Below Luggage Racks

“Make yourself at home” – it seems nice to say but how can you make your guests feel the same is a harder question. People often focus on taking care of bigger things without noticing that some smaller things like a luggage rack could become a key point to win the guest’s heart.

Many different types of luggage racks are going with different materials and shapes of the luggage rack, therefore, how can you be a smart consumer? Make sure to read the review before deciding to buy any items, it will help you a lot to find out the best guest room luggage rack.


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Top 6 best guest room luggage rack:

Top 1: Winsome 92436 Luggage Rack with Shelf

One of the best luggage racks in 2020. The Winsome 92436 Luggage Rack with shelf is an extraordinary addition to your day-by-day living as it offers an advantageous spot for loosening up from your everyday schedule. 


  • Rack width

It’s a pity when a guest places his suitcases in the luggage rack but it does not fit, especially for fastidious guests because the host will lose points in their minds. Winsome wants to avoid all the small things happening, then, the 92436 Luggage Rack is large enough to accommodate either a huge suitcase or a travel bag.

  • A sturdy stand

Good price comes with good qualities. In order to withstand the heavy suitcases, the first thing Winsome guarantees is sturdy standing. Being constructed by solid wood and nylon straps, it brings the best experience and removes all the concern of consumers

  • Nice-looking

Owning an item that has satisfied multifunction, the host can make sure that all the guests are taken care of well from the living to the daily basis. All pieces of Winsome luggage rack are colored in a single color that turns it to be more elegant and suitable for most guest rooms. 

  • Bottom shelf

Not only suitcases or bags are the things that guests want to keep clean, but also shoes and their other personal items. Each foreigner has each own culture, for example, the Japanese always want to put out their shoes before going into the room. Winsome respect all of that, therefore, it is the reason why the luggage rack is decorated with one more bottom shelf for additional storage.

Cons: The load capacity of the lower shelf is poor (only for shoes or personal small items).

Top 2: Casual Home Luggage Rack with Shelf, Natural

“Casual Home” – a brand that simply focuses on families, has created furniture with consumer-centered architecture and sturdy materials with the aim to enhance the living quality and a more casual home feeling tomorrow. 


  • Foldability:

Have you ever heard “The future is full of foldable”? It seems to coincide with the idea of the Casual Home brand when inventing a luggage rack that can be easily taken out and put into storage later, saving much time for consumers in a fast-moving world like today. One more plus point here is that no assembly is required.

  • Multiple uses:

Named as Casual Home but not being casual, this brand also introduces many functions of the luggage rack. With the benefit of a 27’’ wide top, Casual Home Luggage Rack with the shelf contains an additional lower shelf, acting as a shoes rack or spare storage space.

  • Reasonable price:

When comparing with other luggage racks, Casual Home one is more affordable. However, it still brings good quality to each product. To increase heavy support, it is made of solid wood and strengthened by heavy-duty straps. 

  • Convenience:

Some luggage racks have a downside about the height that the space between 2 shelves is close which makes the packing process a bit of a struggle. Casual Home has tried to improve by elevating the height of its products. Try it, you can see how packing and unpacking are much more fitting than you’ve thought.

Cons: Screw repair seems a bit inelegant.

Top 3: Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Luggage Rack

There is one more slot for a product owned by Winsome. A luggage rack is an item that can not be replaced in helping the visitors feel welcome and comfortable instead of holding the bags and suitcases off the floor or bed. 


  • Transitional style

Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Luggage Rack can be placed everywhere you want, even when not in use. On a daily basis, this item is responsible for all the functions of a luggage rack, from being put suitcases or being a decoration in the guest room. However, when you do not want to use it anymore, it is easily unpacked and folded up for storage, under the bed, or tucked away in the wardrobe.  

  • Stability

Four thick nylon straps going with sturdy solid wood material can stand the heavy of up to 75lb suitcases. Also, it is built with straight legs, which increases the guarantee and the capability of the Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Luggage Rack.

  • Convenience

After ordering this luggage rack, you will receive only one box and it’s ready to use immediately which saves much time – consuming for the consumers. Many people meet lots of trouble when fixing or rebuilding but there is no assembly required.

Cons: no remarkable drawback was found.

Top 4: Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack – Foldable – Commercial Quality

There are many good compliments around this Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack, from who’s running a hotel to a small guest room. Let’s find out why many people are interested when saying “right size, right weight, right height”.


  • Stability

This product is designed from different materials comparing with others above, high quality non – skid plastic feet and strong nylon webbing can handle heavy suitcases or travel bags (up to 70lbs) and also, protect the floor as they do not come in contact with the surface of the floor. There are fewer products that have this benefit. For this reason, it is suitable for every situation, from commercial to residential uses.

  • Service and warranty

Another outstanding of Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack is customer care. This brand always tries to satisfy the need of customers both before and after purchasing the product. If any problems happening to the luggage rack, you can call the hotline and there is immediate an assistant who helps you solve the challenges.

  • Easy storage

When you’re not ready to use anymore, the only simple thing that you need to do is close the rack folds flat of the luggage rack. 

Cons: There were no major drawbacks noticed.

Top 5: Wooden Mallet Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage Rack, Grey Straps, 20″ H x 23.75″ W x 15.5″ D, Light Oak

Wooden Mallet Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage Rack brings different experiences and feelings to the guests. It may be one of the items you can easily find in the four-star hotel which is convenient to take it out and fold it up later or being placed in a master room for packing suitcases of business trip or vacations. 


  • A sturdy stand

Who spends a lot of money to charge for products which will be collapsed after few days? A sturdy standing is the most important factor when choosing a luggage rack and I have to admit that Wooden Mallet Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage Rack is one of the top choices. It’s the own strength of this brand because it provides the support of heavy suitcases up to 100 lbs.

  • Heavy use and lasting beauty

The luggage rack provides not only simple usability but also being a decoration, especially for a guest room. I remember a saying “A guest never forgets the host who has treated him kindly”, therefore, a perfect luggage rack should bring him both comfort and a mixture of harmony. Being understood by all the customers, Wooden Mallet uses solid oak construction and low-gloss finish to increase the ability of heavy and maintain the attractiveness of luggage rack.

  • Multiple utilizations

Since your guests do not have many valises or suitcases to be put in the luggage rack, you can switch to another purpose. Wooden Mallet Deluxe Straight Leg is outstanding at that point because it also can serve as a morning meal plate holder or cover stand for different needs of the consumers.

  • 1-year warranty for long-term use

If anything happens to your luggage rack as the product does not function as originally described, Wooden Mallet will be responsible for the repair and exchange during the purchasing and using period. 

Cons: The knit band is more wearable than the nylon strap

Top 6: Winsome Remy Shelf Luggage Rack, Cappuccino 

Suitcases or travel bags are the things that all visitors own and bring in their vacations. The responsibility of a good host is to take care of and notice all, even the small things like that. Yes, I am mentioning the importance of a luggage rack.


  • A sturdy stand

Being made from solid wood and thick nylon straps, this product of the Winsome brand is an item that can guarantee well about stability. It can stand the heavy of suitcases or travel bags up to 75lbs and easily be placed anywhere, under any conditions.

  • Bottom shelf

People often prefer multifunctional products more and the Winsome luggage rack brand is the lead of understanding customers. As with other products, Remy Shelf Luggage Rack also provides a slatted bottom shelf to put shoes or guests’ personal items clean off the floor or the bed.

Cons: no pending problem was found.

Why do I need a guest room luggage rack?

The luggage rack has many functions. It holds your suitcases or travel bags at a handy height for easily reaching and also, deters bed bugs from spreading. I bet you’ve hardly heard about the second job. Many people have the behavior of placing suitcases under the bed or on the floor which is a nice environment for bugs or humidity affect clothes and other items. Therefore, the luggage rack provides many physical properties but also in terms of perceptibility, it shows the attention and care for the visitors.

How could I choose the best guest room luggage rack?

There are many factors to consider the best guest room luggage rack. Most people choose to focus on the material of luggage rack and I totally agree with them. Material affects most of the things because it shows the sturdy standing ability, the floor protection, traps’ fastness, … Additionally, the suitable beauty of luggage rack to the room is also impacted by material, for example, wood brings vintage style while plastic seems to be more modern. 


What size luggage rack do I need? 

It depends on each situation, mostly affected by the size of suitcases and the size of your room. For example, if you want to put a luggage rack in a small room, you can consider the one that can be folded easily to pack and unpack. Or if being placed in a hotel, a standard-sized luggage rack is what you surely need.

What is the best material for a luggage rack?

There are many types of material going with different sizes and shapes of the luggage rack, I’ll list it down. If you prefer to have a luggage rack just for simple purposes, metal or woven fabric will be the best choice, just notice one thing: the silver metal seems to look inelegant in a specific guest room. On the other hand, a plain wooden luggage rack will meet all your needs due to its attractiveness and quality, however, these products are a bit pricey. 

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