Those Garden Shredders And Chippers Will Make Your Garden Tasks Easier

For a long time, most gardeners simply burned garden waste. This issue has impacted badly on the environment and received many bad complaints from other people. 

To solve this problem, garden shredders and chippers are invented. Their use reduces the amount of organic waste by 5-10 times by crushing and taking it out of the site or using it as fertilizer. Many available garden shredders and chippers in the market make users difficult to choose a particular one. Let’s discover the differences and outstanding points of the best garden electric shredders and chippers choosen in this article.



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Top 5 Best Electric Garden Shredders And Chippers

Top 1: Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Electric:

  • Efficient design and capabilities

Durability is the most wonderful thing you can expect from Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Electric. Its housing is made of durable Polypropylene that neither rust nor scratches and ensures the rotor works well. Many users value this machine because of its high performance. With the power of up to 15-amp (1800 watt electric), it is a good choice for all garden materials. An additional point is the electric feature since it does not smog into the environment and quieter than the petrol model.

  • Safety

Gardening lovers are always afraid of using insecure products because they can affect badly to both themselves and their gardens. However, this electric shredder and chipper is recommended by many experts and affirmed principles, including cull quality test. It also utilizes the right additional string type for the distance of augmentation required. Open-air is the most appropriate condition to use Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Electric.

  • Ease to use

There are many bonus features to make it easier for the users. It is furnished with a simple moment start switch. All you need to do is to turn on and start the engine. Additionally, an over-burden insurance switch is provided to prevent some expected trouble.

  • 3-year full warranty 

If anything happens to your electric shredders and chippers, the Landworks guarantees to be responsible for the repair and exchange during the purchasing and using period.

Minus point: sometimes leaves will stick to the exit port of the chip 

Top 2: Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder:

  • Multifunction 

The Sun Joe is the leading brand in the DIY garden field and CJ603E Electric Wood Chipper is a perfect engine for many garden materials that you need to throw away. Leaves, branches, twigs, and brush (even its thickness is up to 1.73 inches) are chipped and shredded effectively within some minutes. Another plus point is that this machine turns these garden wastes to be nutrient-rich mulch that can bring benefits to your soil in the gardens.

  • Strong power

The power of Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Wood Chipper can reach a 15-amp motor. It provides a smooth and efficient workflow for the users and reduces time and effort. However, do not over-evaluate this power since it is an electric engine, it still can’t handle big tasks such as wood. 

  • Safety

There were many accidents related to garden shredders and chippers, therefore, the Sun Joe brand always cares for the security of their users the most. The CJ306 comes standard with a security container and locking handle that keeps the engine from working when opened.

Minus point: this machine is not suitable for hard jobs.

Top 3: Sun Joe CJ602E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder:

  • Powerful electric motor

CJ602E Electric Wood Chipper is suitable for many users because it is the cheapest electric product on the list. However, do not judge the book by its cover, you may be impressed by the high performance with many outstanding features. With a 15 amp motor, it becomes the best choice for small and medium gardens since it can chip and shred a thickness of tree branches up to 1.5 inches. Additionally, the hardened blades can spin at a speed of up to 4.300 –rpm.

  • Safety

Everyone in your family can use CJ602E Electric Wood Chipper without worrying about some trouble issues. It is provided a safety hopper with a locking knob. Also, this machine is easy to use, even when you receive the box and assemble it. Some minor components are required but the engine is an all-in set, just connect it and let the work be done. The lightweight offers the users simple stockpiling after use and ease to control it.

  • 2-year full warranty 

Customer support is an important thing that can maintain customer relationships with the Sun Joe brand. When you receive the machine or it gets something wrong while working, contact the Sun Joe hotline and the help will come after few days.

Minus point: It is not suitable for heavy-duty use.

Top 4: WORX WG430 Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher:

  • Powerful motor

53 gallons are the number of leaves that WORX WG430 can deal with. With a 13 amp electric motor, everything seems to be done within few minutes. Also, it provides a 13-inch cutting diameter using a simple string system. 

  • Easy to use

From the young to the old generation, everyone can assemble and use this machine efficiently without questioning. You do not need to use any instruments when assembling this. It’s lightweight and smaller than any electric shredders and chippers as well, so when you complete all your gardening tasks, you can store it away in the store or garage until you need it once more.

  • Convenience 

11 packs of leaves or garden materials can be turned into one bag of mulch within few minutes, do you believe it? This machine reduces your time and effort wasteful while trying to collect many bags or finding a place to throw them away. It makes your life easier and your gardening jobs more comfortable. Instead of burning or taking them out, you can use this mulch from your garden waste to cultivate your soil.

Minus point: higher price

Top 5: Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher:

  • Multifunctional features

Buy 1 machine and have 3 uses: there is only Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher which can offer. The first function is to chip and shred garden materials such as leaves, tree branches, … Then, all garden wastes are cut into small pieces and finally, it provides an easy access vacuum inlet option. Moreover, this machine is built from a unique design that reduces jams. However, remember not to use it for fresh green, wood, or vines to prolong its lifespan effectively.

  • Strong power

Unlike any electric shredders and chippers, the Landworks Wood Chipper model brings high performance at a cheap price which is more suitable for a small or medium family to have the purchase decision. It can offer an undeniable degree of execution as you get a 212 CC gas engine in that it conveys the power of 7 HP. Although you can find the same features and power from other competitor electric shredders and chippers, Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Electric is still a better choice due to the low price. You do not need to worry about the way it works anymore since it can chip or shred tree branches with a thickness of up to 3 inches.

  • Safety

Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher has received EPA/CARB certificates for its safety to the users. It provides many protective features included in the user manual, then please try to read it carefully and do not forget to wear hand and eye protection while working in the garden.

Minus point: no remarkable drawback was found

Why do I need garden shredders and chippers?

Gardening lovers always care for the way how to keep their yards clean and free of leaves or debris. Notwithstanding, trimming and clipping the garden, regardless of the size, can bring about long periods of apparently perpetual work. Garden shredders and chippers can cut those hours dramatically, even with a large number of materials. Moreover, using garden electric shredders and chippers is great for the environment since it does not let out any petroleum gas and chop garden materials into small pieces to be easily biodegradable. With these benefits, this engine is considered a close friend to gardeners that can save their time and effort.

How can I purchase the best garden shredders and chippers?

To choose garden shredders and chippers, it is necessary to evaluate the quantity and quality of garden waste. There are three intended purposes: for branches, for grasses and, all garden materials, therefore, try to understand your need first. Then, you need to consider the height and size of garden shredders and chippers where the waste is placed. If it is higher than your reach, it will bring certain difficulties. The noise is the final thing I want to mention. Loud noise from the machine not only creates a bad impact on yourselves but also the annoying to your neighborhoods. 


How much do I need to pay for good garden shredders and chippers?

The price of garden shredders and chippers ranges from $100 to up to $500, depending on your purposes, types, and features. Impact shredders and chippers are the cheaper models; you can purchase $100-200 for a good one. On the other hand, roller one is more expensive going with high-quality features, then its price is about $200-500. You can consider what garden shredders and chippers you need based on your budget to buy the most suitable one for your garden.

What are the outstanding points of garden electric shredders and chippers compared to the petrol model?

If you own a small or standard size garden, garden electric shredders and chippers are the better choice. Compared with the petrol model, electric shredders and chippers are lighter and smaller that is convenient and suitable for everyone in the family to use, include old people. Although its price is cheaper, it does not mean its quality is bad. However, the power of garden electric shredders and chippers is not stronger than the petrol model because it does not use petrol or gas to run. This disadvantage also becomes a plus point for electric models due to their friendliness to the environment.

What are different types of garden shredders and chippers?

There are two main types of garden shredders and chippers: impact and roller. The impact model is cheaper but it brings louder noise when working. Leaves and lighter garden foliage are more suitable to be chopped in impact shredders and chippers than big chunks of wood. In contrast with the impact model, the price of the roller model is more expensive because it is heavier and stronger. You can use a roller model in case you want to crush and cut some garden wastes such as wood and big branches. In conclusion, choosing which of these 2 types should be based on your specific demands, garden materials, and your purchasing budget.

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