Warm Up Your Garden Time This Winter With Below Garden Heaters!

In winter, it seems very discouraged to go out for eating or watching the sky due to the cold winds. Everyone just wants to sit quietly in a warm corner inside the restaurant or gather at home. However, it’s a pity if you don’t know about the presence of a garden heater – an amazing machine which can bring back your enjoyment, your time to chill and have a hot chocolate with friends and families. 

Wondering what is the best garden heater at the right price or which brand is good? You come to the right place. In this article, you can find out more information about some of the best garden heaters to make easily purchasing decision. 



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Top 4 best garden heaters

Top 1: Gorilla Gadgets Patio Heater:

  • Strong power

The Gorilla Gadgets Patio Heater is a perfect machine if you are an outgoing person who wants to join in large parties with many friends and acquaintances. With the power of up to 48000 BTUs, this machine can heat a large garden of 17 feet in diameter (around 175 square feet). The worry about being cold and down mood will disappear when you find out that this heater works smoothly and quietly. Instead of smelling some weird odor from the regular fire pit, Gorilla Gadgets Patio Heater brings an amazing feeling with an agreeable smell.

  • Safety

Are you confused about the safety between a heater and a regular flame as usual for your families and friends? Believe me, Gorilla Gadgets Patio Heater is much better since it is provided many protection features. For example, if your heater accidentally turns on more than 30 degrees, it will automatically turn off to prevent any troubles. Moreover, you can easily control the heat knob without searching for lots of information from Google or asking for some help. All you need to do is click on the button to make it work, wait for the red light and the warmth from the garden heater.

  • Portability

The Gorilla Gadgets Patio Heater is a lightweight product and also added two smooth-rolling wheels below. You can carry this machine anywhere you want, from your yards, cafes, or outdoor spaces. In case you don’t need to use it anymore, just roll the heater back in the storage or garage conveniently. 

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Top 2: Hampton Bay 48000 Btu Stainless Steel Patio Heater:

  • Reasonable price

Comparing to the other effective garden heaters, Hampton Bay 48000 Btu Stainless Steel Patio Heater is an excellent choice for a high-quality product but at a cheaper price. It is considered a mixture between function and design which is suitable to most places, including cover and uncovered areas. If you want to have an “outdoor restaurant” vibe at home, it is a great choice for you to match with other garden decorations that bring a chilling time and experience with families and friends. 

  • Durable steel construction

Being made of durable steel material, Hampton Bay 48000 Btu avoids mostly stainless issues happening while using. Also, its power can reach up to 200 sq. ft. A variable heat button is easily controlled, from minimum to maximum temperature based on different times and places you go. 

  • Easy to store

This machine is built at 87 inches high and 32 inches in diameter, making it a portable garden heater to use and store. If you do not want to use it anymore, the places on the back porch or garage seem to be suitable and fit for Hampton Bay 48000 Btu heater. 

Minus point: less heat output than some costly models.

Top 3: Hmercy Outdoor Heater Electric Patio Heaters:

  • Fast heating-up

5 minutes is a general time for a garden heater to warm up, however, Hmercy Outdoor Heater Electric Patio Heaters can do it within few seconds. It is equipped with 3 halogen tubes as a warming component. There are 3 modes of this garden heater: 500W/1000W/1500W that are suitable for any conditions. What’s more, the porch radiator delivers infrared warmth straightforwardly to individuals or items rather than the environment. Therefore, this machine reduces the time waiting outside in cold weather.

  • Safety feature

Safety is the most basic factor that every brand should attach much more importance to. Hmercy Outdoor Heater is built with a heavy base to reduce some issues related since we all know about the cold winds in the winter. Also, it does not create harmful smells or smoke while working. If the temperature of this garden heater suddenly turns up, it will automatically turn off to block any risks happening.

  • Convenience

This machine is not fixed as other garden heaters. You can control the height of Hmercy Outdoor Heater by adjusting it easily, about 45-degree up-down. Thus, it is suitable for all places and you don’t have to waste more money to buy other garden heaters.

Minus point: There were no major drawbacks noticed

Top 4: BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater:

  • Beautiful design

Do you want a product that is functionally good and stylishly design? BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater is the right choice for all your needs. It is built in a pyramid shape such as a piece of art which can make your garden more outstanding and elegant. Another plus point is that this machine is finished with durable metal and aluminum material enhancing its stability. You can use it as one of your garden decorations in all seasons.

  • Smooth mobility

Besides the perfect design above, BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater is also provided 2 smooth-rolling wheels making transportation more easily and conveniently. This is a lightweight engine, therefore, you can bring it anywhere you want, next to the reading chair or other places.

  • Strong power

The powerful motor of this garden heater comes directly to your expectations. It produces 48000 BTUs for a span of 15 feet. With the heat generated from BELLEZE product, you do not need to sit close to the garden heater to have enough warmth. Moreover, it can run within many hours without pausing.

  • Simple and safe to use

A start button is added in BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater. All you need is to push the button and the machine will work perfectly. This machine is also provided many safety features such as the steel neck, automatic system, … If anything accidents suddenly happen, this heater will turn off to ensure the security of the users.

Minus point: the warranty will not cover the damages because of shipping.

Why do I need a garden heater?

A garden heater is an indispensable item in the winter if you are an outgoing lover. Imagine that you’re attending a party with friends and the temperature begins dropping, your enjoyment will be taken off which leads to the early leave. With a garden heater, you don’t need to worry anymore since the heater’s fire gives radiant heat subsequently helps to keep everybody warm and agreeable while outside. What’s more, it also brings a feeling like an open-air fire. You can easily assemble and carry your garden heaters into suitable places without any difficult issues. Also, there are many sizes, shapes, and colors of garden heaters for you to choose from.

What things do I should consider before buying a garden heater?

There are a lot of things you have to understand before deciding to buy something, especially a garden heater. Types and materials are the most important ones because they can affect the way how you want your garden heater to work. Often the garden heater is made of electric or gas model and each one brings different advantages. Secondly, you need to define clearly the power of a garden heater and the space of your place. If you own a large yard, a powerful garden heater is more suitable than a lightweight and small one. The final thing is to choose the design as everyone wants to have an item with the same color of garden decorations.


What are the differences between gas and electric garden heaters?

Two main types of a garden heater have separate benefits with unique features. The electric garden heater is more suitable with small or medium gardens because it is often lightweight and easy to use and place next to a reading chair or dinner table. You can also use it in some places that lack the proper ventilation required for natural gas. However, the power of the electric model is not strong to warm up in a short time and you have to prepare for electric usage. Talking about the gas garden heater, you do not need to worry about the powerful machine anymore but it has other disadvantages such as hard DIY and ventilation. 

How many garden heaters do I need for my garden?

The number of garden heaters depends on the size of your place. By and large, 1 garden heater can cover about 1500 – 2000 square feet. You should understand your place first to decide what is better as it will be different with a cover and uncover place. Also with the temperature on that day, probably 1 garden heater may not work as you expect.

How long does a garden heater take to warm up?

Warm-up time for garden heaters ranges from quick to as long as 5 minutes, based on the power of the heat output. Gas garden heaters give heat more quickly, making them ideal for large gardens or pub parties with many people. On the other hand, electric garden heaters may take up more than 5 minutes but the fire given off is more comfortable for covered places or open outdoor buildings.

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