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There is an increasing number of homeowners who have been aware of the obvious advantages of underfloor heating over traditional radiator systems as usual, as it transparently helps to save energy and boost efficiency itself simultaneously. However, figuring out what is a good fit for multiple types of houses and apartments is not really as easy as a piece of cake that many people still mistakenly acknowledge. If you are conscious of those difficulties, to help you out to some degree, here is the list of underfloor heating chosen for bathrooms and commencing with the top 5 of the best bathroom underfloor heating


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Top 5 best bathroom underfloor heating for your consideration

Top 1: Happybuy 60 Sqft 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat

Plus points:

  • High-quality: Based on high-tech, this product is proud to meet the strictest requirements of underfloor heating and finally passed a couple of tests proving productivity and safety standards.
  • Safe heating cable: The heating cable is respectively processed with several layers ranging from PEP insulation to aluminum cable ground connection and PVC protective cover as well. All of the aforementioned above ensure the product’s high-efficiency and safety simultaneously.
  • Thermostat and alarm included: Featuring a thermostat, a temperature sensor, and of course, an alarm also included. You should be noted that a thermostat can display time, the temperature of the room, even room humidity, and the temperature of the floor heating as much. This product can either switch manual mode or preset function for sure. You can actually expect an over or low-temperature protection if unfortunately, anything happens, it is still under control.
  • Easy to install: Designed with a self-adhesive mesh surface, meaning that it can be easily and firmly attached to the ground from the very first time brought home. I don’t think there comes a need for expensive tools to install such as boilers or circulators, in the sense that you can handle every step on your own, as simply as the product itself is.

Minus point:

  • As easy as the installing process might be, it still needs careful instructions but there seems to be no guideline on how. 

Top 2: Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

Plus points:

  • Convenient: Featuring double-sided tape to offer an adhesive backing that makes installation as easy as pie. Users can simply fit the mat to their floor, then peel off the tape, and finally, adhere to the floor as the last step. As far as you can imagine, that greatly reduces the time allocated to the installation and gets you on your own way to eventually enjoy the heated floor in the house.
  • Reliable: Long having been manufactured in the USA – a reliable address for quality, its manufacturing facilities have been demonstrated to be cutting-edge so far, producing the highest-quality underfloor heating on the market and directly competing with any other rivals of the same industry.
  • Good customer service: When it comes to service responding to customers, all of us expect something professional, timely, and caring, but not all manufacturers can meet all of which but for this brand. You can literally look for a full refund or a new replacement if there are any problems relating to the manufacturing defects.

Minus point:

  • The thermostat barely fits in the electrical box and the sensor wire is pinched, this causes some inconvenience. 

Top 3: Sqft Cable and Warming Systems

Plus points:

  • Digital bonus: A digital programmable thermostat is included for the more accurate time displayed, for the room’s temperature, sometimes the humidity of your rooms is also beneficially indicative, and the current temperature of the floor heating as well.
  • Easy installation: I didn’t think I could myself install underfloor heating, but it was actually simple in the light of the instructions provided and the process itself. Even if you don’t consider yourself much tech-savvy, you can still mechanically have this product installed with ease.
  • Reliable: Has long been well-known for electronic devices as a leading-industry company, this brand ensures the best-quality materials as well as the standardized process of manufacturing, making their underfloor heating second-to-none on the market.

Minus point:

  • The product itself is a little stiffer than others but you get what you pay for.

Top 4: LuxHeat 10 Sqft Mat Kit

Plus points:

  • Easy to install: The mat can be easily cut, turned, flipped, or even rotated surely for the best convenience of coverage wherever needed. With self-adhesive mesh on one side and double-sided tape on the other side, the mat is able to be adhesive to the sub-floor and lays flat at once when flipped as hell.
  • Quality and experience: The first and foremost factor primarily affecting the prestige of a company and increasing brand awareness is transparently its experience. With over 50 years of experience in the heating industry, the company offers a range of high-quality products, and especially they are not hesitant to offer a 10-year warranty, giving customers peace of mind every purchase.
  • Programmable thermostat: An addition of a thermostat promotes sleek modern design and of course, intuitive control as hell, making it easier to use with obvious instructions attached. You will be able to identify the temperature of floor heating, that of the room, and the humidity level for sure.

Minus point:

  • Customer service of the brand is still not up to par, and you may get a little irritated contacting the team for unanticipated problems.

Top 5: Heated Floor Uncoupling Membrane

Plus points:

  • Waterproof: Nothing is more dangerous than indeliberately having your electronic device soaked in water. Particularly when you are living with a big family being inclusive of both young kids and old people, carelessness can cause you to suffer from long-term pain physically and mentally for sure. But, you can actually be relieved when it comes to the waterproofing function offered by this product. It works efficiently without any potential risk.
  • Effective and energy-saving: By reducing heat loss in no time and at the same time quickening the heat-up-time of heated cable, this underfloor heating makes sure its system works to the best of its function, leading to your electricity bill at the end of every month greatly reducing.
  • Quick and easy install: Within less than a couple of hours, you will have a product fully installed with stability and accuracy, in the long run, believe me, been there- done that.

Minus point:

  • If you are material-conscious, you may feel its materials still leave a little to be desired. 

Why do you need to buy underfloor heating for the bathroom?

Energy Efficient Heating:

There are generally two types of radiant heating being inclusive of electric and water-based systems. Both offer heating in a room from the floor up for continuous and efficient warmth. Warm water systems technically run hot water through pipes to produce heat, while electric underfloor heating heats wiring beneath the floor leading to heat generation. 

Conventional radiators have to be heated to a high temperature (normally between 65-75 degrees Cel) so as to heat up a room efficiently, while floor heating only has to be run at a temperature of around 29 degrees Celsius or less, being dependant on the floor finish, so as to warm the room – then consuming less energy than usual and eventually keeping your energy bills far lower than ever imagined. 

Effortless to run:

A very important advantage of underfloor heating is that once installed, the systems need almost no maintenance. Electric systems will not require regular servicing while water underfloor heating systems may need the from-time-to-time review to be sure everything is working properly without errors. All heaters are generally well controlled by a system of thermostats aiding to boost the energy-efficiency nature of UFH and can also offer programmable heat schedules or even heat functionality automatically also. This really means you will not even need to think about your home’s heating; those systems will always heat your home at the expected temperature and at the anticipated time for you.

More space and design freedom:

With the presence of underfloor heating systems, you will certainly be able to enjoy your whole room with no radiators appearing on the walls. Even the most state-of-the-art radiators taking up a lot of space on a wall, thus picture the design freedom that you have with heated floors – you can easily decorate the walls as you basically desire, to actually make a statement or just achieve the minimalist look, whatever your style seems to be, and free from needing to plan around radiators for sure.

Best bathroom underfloor heating FAQs:

Can your underfloor heating leak?

Yes, the answer is it can! If the floor heating keeps losing pressure, it indicates there is a leak somewhere around. When the pressure drops, you need to top your system up following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If the pressure remains low, go back a step and check whether the connecting pipes to the manifold are in the right place and not leaking. It is abnormal for underfloor heating pipes to leak and if they do it is liable that the damage was subliminally caused during the installation process. This is actually both good news and a piece of bad news for you also. If the pipes are gradually leaking, then you should have proper recourse to seek remedy with the installer as hell. The bad news is that it will be liable to be a significant job.

How to be practically mindful of blockages?

Blockages can once in a while occur and cause issues within your heating system. There are fortunately a few checks you can do first to see if this could be able to apply to your system. You can carefully check the flue vent leading to the outside of your home for blockages or any other issues that may be detected. If there are some leaves, twigs, and other debris left in the vent, you can simply clear them out with ease.

During the winter, it is advisable that you check the discharge pipe, especially in very cold weather. On a combi-condenser boiler, this may freeze and deter the boiler from working at the time you need it to work most. To effortlessly resolve this, you just need to melt the ice and treat the area with some antifreeze and your work will be done easily. 

Cold spots where your system is physically laid could mean there is basically an internal blockage. This is almost impossible to happen but flushing the system could possibly be the answer so you should be mindful of it as hell. You can seek the help of a professionally qualified heating engineer for more details if you think this may be your problem.

How to handle pipe-related issues?

In general, problems with your heating system are often attributable to the pipes. If your underfloor heating is obviously a wet system running from a boiler, then it could be a trapped air, so if you want to make sure what happens, a further check is necessary. Fortunately, these problems can be addressed just as simply as they occurred. You may want to make an attempt to handle some of these yourself, even if you lack confidence, a plumber or heating engineer will be able to aid you greatly.

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