Looking for the best bathroom towels? You are in the right place

Religiously visiting loads of stores selling bath towels and chances are you will see confused consumers out there, surely like you. Faced with stacks and stacks of products on offer, in a vast variety of prices, and awash in advertising claims, purchasing is nothing but a tough task to fulfill. Which one lives up to their claims? Which one suits you perfectly? You are liable to find your own answers here, with the list of the best towels for bathrooms, starting with the top 5 best bathroom towels respectively in a nominated order. 

Top 5 best bathroom towels for your need

Top 1: Mawill Towel Set for Bathroom

Plus points:

  • Softness: These washcloths are genuinely made from the prominent-quality ultra-fine cotton thread with a view to providing the best softness and smoothness experience to users. Additionally, the super-soft cotton terry structure and simple design are very compatible with the daily uses of families and hotels, saving your money on massaging services but still guaranteeing the same quality as such.
  • Durable: The edge of the tower features double stitches to deter it from spreading after washing, meaning your towel can still remain itself even after multiple usages. You can be sure about the possibility of those towels lasting longer than normal ones.
  • Extra absorbent and quick-dry: The face towel adopts dual properties and features extra absorbency leading to quicker and more efficient moisture absorption on the body surface and gives you a sense of comfort every time using it. Furthermore, they dry in no time as well.
  • Easy care: In order to achieve the best results, you can clean it once according to the washing instructions on the towel labels prior to using it for the first time. You can be more relieved when being informed that the manufacturer uses environmentally friendly cotton, enabling you to take care a lot easier, even though it can leave slight fluff after several washes.

Minus point:

  • For some customers who consider themselves to be a little skin-sensitive, may feel the towel is not really soft, because it is just designed to work well in general situations. 

Top 2: Utopia Towels Highly Absorbent Towels for Bathroom

Plus points: 

  • 100% Cotton: With 100 cotton provisions, this product is super soft and smooth for most types of skins. Don’t worry about allergies or something that may cause you to suffer from a rash, even if your skin is susceptible, this one is still the suitable option to think of.
  • Easy to take care of: Its rules are kinda simple to follow; if you want it to be durable, just don’t use bleach, fabric softeners, and iron, I bet you that your towels will never be damaged by external impacts stemming from users. It only wears out if it cannot stand the test of time.
  • Durable: Ring-spun cotton not only gives your skin a softer feel whenever touching it, but it is also very durable for longer use and less money spent on replacement.

Minus point:

Those towels would be a perfect option if not releasing lots of lint after every shower, hand, or face wash. 

Top 3: Hammam Linen 100% Cotton Bath Towels

Plus points:

  • Enjoyable: These absorbent, eco-friendly hand towels are designed to soothe your skin better compared to low-quality or unreliable brands’ offers. Nothing is more enjoyable than doing skincare with the assistance of this product.
  • Lightweight and high-quality: 100% soft cotton rings would not be a big surprise for most customers but why are there so many people choosing this brand? Because the ultimate feeling of softness in your hand will be an unforgettable experience that is nowhere to be found aside from this product. It is lightweight, absorbent, and then relevant with a variety of uses, too.
  • Easy to care: This towel is machine-washable, making it a lot easier to clean and care for. Moreover, if you have been obsessed with too much time spent on the drying process afterward when it comes to this product, your obsession will be liable to transform into happiness for not wasting time and effort anymore.
  • Better water absorption: Terry towel material is well-known for maximum absorbency if my memory serves me right! For that reason mentioned before, this product is nothing but a good fit for poolside, bathroom, salon, college dorm room essentials, and so on as well.

Minus point:

  • It is not that luxurious to wrap around you after exiting the shower or tub, so if you are looking forward to looking elegantly cooler, this one shouldn’t be a priority. 

Top 4: Utopia Towels Premium Grey Hand Towels

Plus points:

  • 100% cotton for maximum softness: There would be no words to express how relaxing it feels to pamper your hands with a soft, absorbent, fluffy hand towel after a day of work pressure! Made of 100% cotton fabric, this product basically possesses breathable characteristics making them perfect for both hands and body alternatively.
  • More absorbent: Proudly being terry in nature, these towels are regarded as the most absorbent of all kinds. With loops on both sides, those actually create extra surface area for drying off your hands and body in turn and even more than that.
  • Second-to-none: On the basis of its wide applications, you can use these towels in bathrooms or gym as a post-workout accessory, or whenever you wish to reminisce about the feelings of being professionally treated in a spa, it actually can help you rekindle those at once.

Minus point:

  • Its strings seem not to remain as soft as expected after several times of wash, but don’t forget about the cliche: “You actually get what you pay for”.

Top 5: White Classic Luxury Hand Towels

Plus points:

  • Luxurious: At the end of a long working day, or at the break of dawn prior to the beginning of a new day, you deserve fresh and soft care from these towels, like being taken care of with the most skillful hands in the spa.
  • Convenient and various choices: A set of 6 towels for bathrooms offers you a range of choices being inclusive of a white, grey, black… or even pink for romance. You can expect those to serve you well anywhere, from bathrooms to gymnasium, just effortlessly hang it on the right spot when having finished, for the next use.
  • Easy care: These offers of towels are 100% machine-washable for people being snowed under with work commitment or family things. Save your time for another concern that is more necessary, because this product is completely safe, causing no shrinkage at all.
  • 2-year warranty: Not many customers are attracted by a long warranty regarding hand towels, yet just in case you need it, this brand is willing to offer a full refund or replacement if there is any problem related to the manufacturing and delivery process.

Minus point:

  • The brown color is more of a muted brown than the vibrant chocolate brown portrayed in the picture as you are seeing, so keep this in mind before making any decision. 

Why do you need a set of towels specialized for bathroom use?

Thin and lightweight:

Whereas the next two points (softness and absorbency) may cause you to believe that cotton towels are very thick, in fact, I think you should be noted that the opposite is true. You’ll be purchasing a type of cotton that is both thin and lightweight for sure. This makes it far easier to store them together since they take up less space, as well as being lighter to carry anywhere, thus, you can pack more into carrying storage whenever traveling. 


It is somehow true to say that cotton towels for bathroom use may not be as thick as some other towel materials, one feature helping them stand out among the rest is actually their exceptional softness. In the light of extra-long fibers in the cotton, there are technically fewer joints in the weave of the fabric as sure as hell. This means that each towel is far softer and kinder to your skin than other cotton towels advertised on the market. As such, stocking your hotel with cotton towels is an ideal way of giving your guests that little bit extra of perfect service and building up an upmarket feel for your establishment also.

If you’re buying cotton towels for your bathroom only, then you should carefully note that they would be also indispensable for a child’s soft skin, since they’ll never be too harsh against it. The latter point makes sense because cotton gets softer overtime, unlike other kinds of towels.


One more benefit of bathroom cotton towels is their absorbency power. The long-staple fibers lengths basically create finer fibers on the towels. This helps it to be more absorbent. Even though this doesn’t seem like a visible benefit, it is actually a useful property as long as towels are concerned. Towels made from cotton will generally dry more quickly and in turn, be less likely to absorb a great deal of moisture from the atmosphere, particularly useful in more humid climates for those people! This means they don’t pose the risk of going or staying damp and harboring mildew or even bacteria.

Best Bathroom Towers FAQs

What are production highlights that you should be always mindful of? 

  • Combed cotton: the cotton is basically brushed to effectively remove short fibers, which makes the fabric softer and more durable than others. 
  • Ring-spun cotton: in the event that you are considering this type of cotton, you should be conscious of its long and short fibers being tightly twisted, making the towel loops strong and smooth.
  • Twist: this is an exact description of how much the loop’s yarn is twisted, by definition. A high twist is far more durable, but a low (or even zero) twist increases surface area helping to make the towel plusher and more absorbent than usual. 
  • Hydrocotton, Microcotton, Aerocotton, etc.: these are brand names of manufacturing processes (you should not be confused with types of cotton actually) so as to help increase softness and absorbency simultaneously.

What weight should you think about?

Towel weight is scientifically measured in grams per square meter (GSM) as sure as hell. In general, the higher the weight is, the denser the towel and the more absorbent it will practically be. It is advisable that you should bear in mind those indexes, such as 300-400 GSM is acknowledged to be lightweight, 400-600 GSM is basically medium weight, and 600-900 GSM is the heaviest of all. It all depends on your demands of getting the right weight suiting you best, honestly.

What are the differences between affordable towels and luxurious towels?

As far as I know, the priciest towels have a tendency to be substantially heavier, which means they stay damp longer and at the same time can get musty easily for sure, while lower-price towels are true on the opposite. 

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