Nothing is cozier than standing on best bathroom mats, right? Find your loved one here and enjoy bathing

Anything can be outdated but a bath mat, I bet you! Bath mats are functional stylish additions to any type of bathroom raging from small size to big ones. Nevertheless, with such a vast variety of styles, materials on offer, coming to the decision of purchasing is not as easy as pie, though. You probably will get yourself confused with a whole lot of questions related, and also need a list of the best options for better consideration. Here you are, top 5 of the best bathroom mats for better decision making. 


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Top 5 Best Bathroom Mats To Enjoy Your Bathing

Top 1: Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat Large Size

Plus points:

  • Cozy and highly-applicable: Let’s enjoy the comfortable feeling of standing on the clouds! Yes, you would feel like you are being on the clouds. A thick and fluffy contact surface like that offers exceptionally comfortable emotions every time you touch it. Its applications are wide, meaning that it is compatible with the bathroom, vanity, vacation home, kid’s bathrooms, or even guest suites when someone unexpectedly drops by. 
  • Water absorption: On the wet days in a month, chances are you will get bored of cleaning your house wholly and repeatedly, so there comes a role of this mat. Its soft velvet microfiber layer can absorb a great deal of water from your wet feet and brings you a feeling of dryness all day long. Moist days? Let’s say goodbye right away!
  • Easy to clean: It is super easy to clean by machine with cold water and mild detergent and after a few hours, the mat is already available for use again. Especially, the color will not fade away and still stay vibrant for multiple years regardless of times washed and dried. 
  • Non-slip backing: Constructed with strong and durable PVC backing leading to prevention against shifting and skidding. You, from now on, can be sure about the surface under the mat being smooth, clean, and always dry!

Minus point:

  • Some customers claim that the adherence of the back of the mat to the floor still leaves a little to be desired. 

Top 2: Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat

Plus points:

  • Super quality for comfort: Being super soft and ultra-comfortable, it literally gives you a sense of comfort whenever stepping on. Why can it be super enjoyable like that? Made of 100% super-soft microfiber, filled with soft-foam cushioning, the material for touching is second-to-none regarding feeling.
  • Non-slip and absorbent: Heavy-duty design technically makes it highly-absorptive in no time, protecting your feet from cold floor touching that may result in some serious health problems later on, aside from floor moisture protection for the most part.
  • Clean and healthy: Made of 100% natural microfiber fabric, it is super compatible with people long being susceptible to allergies or sensitivities to regular fabrics. Interestingly, quality-innovative microfiber helps you to keep mildew away, enabling your surrounding environment to be clean and healthy all day.
  • Machine wash and dry: With a mild detergent and cold water, you can have your mat cleaned immediately, particularly it is suitable for frequent use and households being snowed under with the workload.

Minus point:

  • The material itself appears stiffer than some other memory foam mats so you may need a little more time to lay flat. 

Top 3: Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

Plus points:

  • Comfortable and luxurious: The mat is produced with soft and comfortable polyurethane memory foam, and the outer material is not only soft but also cozy, which stimulates your feeling of getting home every time being far away, because of the comfort. Its thickness is great for bathrooms, vanity, and a range of other ideal places inside your apartment.
  • Machine washable and dryable: Some people are hesitant to purchase those products as they think of no adaption to machines, and this basically causes them to be more stressed whenever having any intention of cleaning the mat. In contrast, this mat is washable in cold water with a bit of mild detergent without worries relating to color fading.
  • Multipurpose: An elegant bath mat can be applied at the tub-side, front of the sink, or any other corners in your house for warmth and toe protection. Aesthetically speaking of its design, it can make a substantial difference in the overall combination with towels and other bathroom decorations or essentials.
  • Guarantee: In the case that customers are not pleased with the mat or any manufacturing defect appears during any point of use, they will be either refunded or get their product replaced by reaching out.

Minus point:

  • Its size is perfect for small bathrooms, but if you think your bathroom is bigger than average, this one is not really a good fit. 

Top 4: Memory Foam Coral Fleece Non Slip Bathroom Mat

Plus points:

  • Foot massage: Don’t waste money on massaging service out there, because there is certainly another feasible measure for this with a lot more economical price. Backed with non-slip rubber, apart from well-selected material, the mat is strong and durable, for as long as possible for the foot massage.
  • Great absorption: These cozy plus bath mats have been applied on the basis of the special technology for quick absorption and fast dryness, meaning that customers worrying about the absorption rate of water on moist days will soon be relieved.
  • Adaptable: If your house is on the list of standard-sized homes, this luxury is best suitable for every bathroom or any place wished to put it.
  • Easy cleaning: An addition of non-chlorine bleach can be used when necessary, with just cold water and mild detergent, your mats will no longer be dirty anymore, at least for some hours.

Minus point:

  • As great as it is to stand on, the mat itself is hard to dry off after soaking in water, then needs more time than usual. 

Top 5: Super Thick Soft Striped Shaggy Chenille Bath Mats

Plus points:

  • Ultra-thick: Compared to normal quality products, this one sets it apart with more thick and bushy materials, being amazingly soft and cozy for foot protection on wet days.
  • Absorbent: Thanks to its absorbability, the mat fundamentally can keep your floor away from milder or moldy, subsequently protecting your feet against those health-damaging factors.
  • Durable: The updated version is known to be more long-lasting and durable, even many years ahead, it still looks great and as fresh as new. This saves a lot of money spent on a new replacement for sure.
  • Vibrant decoration: A vast variety of your bathroom’s essentials will always remain its harmonization even after a mat is placed. Neutral colors are compatible with every decoration style of modern purchasers.
  • Easy care: Don’t waste your effort trying to manually clean those mats, since they are meant not to be. Washing using a machine is obviously possible with mild detergent and cold water.

Minus point:

  • The product is kinda small and not a suitable fit for large rooms. 

Why is a mat so essential to your bathrooms?

Prevent unintentional slips and falls:

First and foremost, the most visible benefit of having a bath mat in your bathroom is that it will deter slips and falls. Honestly, not every shower will be really ultra slippery — but there is actually the possibility of that freak chance of a slip or fall occurring. When you have a rubber bath mat in your shower, this product will not only give your feet some grip when you are taking a bath, but it will also let you feel at ease knowing that you’re safe from any unexpected falls in the shower.

Keep dropped items:

Have you ever dropped a shampoo bottle in the shower — and then it slipped and slid throughout the tub like a jet ski right after? When you purchase and use a bathmat, not only will this be an indispensable way to keep yourself from falling, but some items that fall to the ground won’t travel far at all so that you can get them back in no time before they’re gone. Think about the rubber bath mat as a non-sticky fly trap keeping everything safe and in place for the most part. It’s the perfect measure for any home!

When exiting the tub, it is extremely helpful: 

Do you consider yourself loving to take baths, but hate getting out of the tub? Believe it or not, every now and then, getting out of the bathtub can be more of a hassle — and quite risky in some situations than a “finish”. Normally, it’s a safety hazard as there seems no grip to hold on to get up. When you get to use a rubber bath mat, you’ll be installing a base for your feet to grip onto — which will make getting out of the tub a little safer and simpler after bathing.

Best Bathroom Mats FAQs:

Where can you place your bathroom mats?

Where to place bathroom rugs: generally, on the one hand, it’s best to place a larger bath mat in front of the tub or shower and, on the other hand, smaller bath rugs in front of sinks for specific purposes. If you think your space is not enough, a smaller bath mat for everyday use can be placed in front of the shower, and then a bath rug runner can be able to be used to cover the rest of the floor area as sure as hell.

How often should you clean your bathroom mats?

The way you look after your rug or mat will basically determine its lifespan surely. Regular cleaning is an indispensable part of taking care of your bathroom rug to eliminate bacteria.

While the bath mat can effortlessly be hung over the bath or a shower to dry right after every use and then chucked in the washing machine every other week if needed, bath rugs can be a little bit more challenging to maintain.

How can you clean your mats properly?

First and foremost, shake the rug out to dislodge any dirt, debris, and hair that may be trapped inside, before washing it. You have to ensure you have already checked carefully the label for any cleaning instructions to the rug that you own.

Most types of rugs, as far as I know, are machine washable, but you will want to choose a gentle cycle in order not to ruin the backing of the rug. It is advisable that you select a warm or hot temperature for fabric rugs to make sure that any mold or bacteria is fully killed.

For hand-wash only rugs, those are constructed of bamboo, jute, and some of the other natural fibers, fill your sink with warm water first and a couple of tablespoons of laundry detergent, then you can add in the rug and use a sponge to scrub it gently for a short period of time. After washing, you will generally have to rinse the rug with cool water till all the soap is well removed.

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