Find your signature best bathroom hand soap here and survive Corona time with your beloved scent

In the middle of a pandemic season, one of the most important and easy ways to help prevent viruses from entering the body is to wash your hands frequently. And the bathroom hand soap is one of the most necessary items in your bathroom which you usually have to use many times a day.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of bathroom hand soap with different scents, uses, and prices. Therefore, to buy products that are suitable for your skin, you should understand them clearly. Let’s discover the top 5 best bathroom hand soap in this article!


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Top 5 best bathroom hand soap you should not miss

Top 1: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap Lavender Scent


The Mrs. Meyers brand attaches much more important to select the high-quality ingredients of the bathroom hand soap. Therefore, you can make sure about the product since it contains oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other essential things. It brings excellent experience when washing hands. It is okay to use the product, even your hands are sensitive, as it does not have any artificial colors or phthalates.

Good smell

These high-quality ingredients provide a soft and comfortable smell to users. The odor of this bathroom hand soap is not strong as many other same products, so you can use it for both yourself and your family.

Eco-friendly feature

The Mrs. Meyer brand is one of the natural brands that do not test the product on animals. It understands the importance of nature, therefore, it uses its own method to produce the bathroom hand soap. Each ingredient is collected in the garden. For example, this brand has a unique and clean lavender garden to be used in its famous bathroom hand soap. You can feel and enjoy it when buying the product.

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Top 2: Method Foaming Hand Soap


All ingredients are natural. It comes from flowers, plants, and fruits. Therefore, this bathroom hand soap is safe for users because it does not bring paraben inside. Moreover, it can be biodegradable and its citrus extract upgrades pH levels. After using the product, you can recycle this plastic bottle easily and conveniently to save the environment.

Good smell

There is a variety of smells for you to pick from if you are a smell lover. Its scents are available in about 10 types such as French lavender, coconut water, pink grapefruit, or sea minerals. It can serve you best, even you like a strong or soft smell. 

Soft and cleaning

This bathroom hand soap is moisturizing and is suitable if you have dry skins. After about 2 minutes of washing hands, you will have different feelings when your hands are cleaning and comfortable. You can use it many times a day without worrying about some issues related. 

Minus point: there are some complaints about the packaging of this bathroom hand soap such as its pump is not durable.

Top 3: Mrs.Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap Lemon Verbena Scent


You can ensure about the item since it contains oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other fundamental things. This brand appends substantially more imperative to choose the top-notch elements of the bathroom hand soap that you can see all the ingredients are from nature. It brings phenomenal experience when washing hands.

Good smell

This bathroom hand soap has a smell of mild citrus. It is suitable if you are the type of person who does not like strong odor. The smell is fresh and light, it is like you are in the garden to choose the mild citrus ingredient together.

Eco-friendly feature

Not tested on animals is the formula of the Mrs. Meyer brand. It comprehends the significance of nature, in this way, it utilizes its technique to deliver the bathroom hand soap. It delivers the message through each bathroom hand soap product and also its campaigns, volunteering tasks about the environment.

Minus point: the pump of this bathroom hand soap is not strong.

Top 4: Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap


This bathroom hand soap is recommended and proven by many experts and users about its high-quality feature. It can eliminate about 99.9% of bacteria and reduce some harmful ones like S. aureus & E. coli. It is suitable if you do hard-working tasks in the garden or before eating, coming home, … You can buy it for your children too because it is good to prevent some diseases. 

Good smell

There are 3 odors of this product: Clear, White Tea and Berry Scent. If you do not like the strong smell, this bathroom hand soap is perfect for you to use. You should wash your hand with soap for 20 seconds before cleaning them with water.

Soft and cleaning

Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Now, you do not have to worry about selecting the right bathroom hand soap anymore because this product is safe and natural. It can protect your hands from dust or muddy well. Moreover, after washing your hands, you will feel softer and more comfortable.

Minus point: the packs of this bathroom hand soap may be broken during the shipping delivery.

Top 5: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap


Another product of the Mrs. Meyer brand can prove to you how well it is. It attaches generously more basic to pick the first-rate components of the bathroom hand soap. You can realize some ingredients are from plants and flowers such as oils, aloe vera, or olive oil. It is OK to use this one, even your hands are fragile, as it doesn’t have any fake tones or phthalates.

Good smell

This bathroom hand soap is named Honeysuckle. It means a combination between flowers and fruits. You can guess the odor of the product by its name – really sweet and sexy like a bee. I bet that you will be interested in this smell for the first time.

Eco-friendly feature

The Mrs. Meyer brand cares much about the environment. It does not test the product on animals. Moreover, this brand has an exceptional and clean lavender nursery to be used in its notable bathroom hand soap. You can feel the value of it when buying the thing.

Minus point: the scent of this bathroom hand soap is strong.

Why should I buy bathroom hand soap?

The bathroom hand soap is a necessary thing in your bathroom. Why? Read the reasons below!

  • Skin moisture: soaps are created from vegetable oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, … these are oils that contain a lot of vitamin E to help nourish the skin, maintain maximum moisture for the skin. Apply moisturizer to help you have naturally smooth skin that is not greasy or dry, and has a full vibrant complexion.
  • Deep cleansing, without damaging the skin: the bathroom hand soap has a formula similar to the surface layer of oil, so when used, it is easy to deeply clean the skin surface. Soap does not contain detergents, so it does not cause dryness and abrasion like other industrial chemicals.
  • Smell: It helps your body relax, reduce fatigue and regain balance after a day’s work. Essential oils also create euphoria, giving you more positive energy in the morning giving you an exciting start.
  • Does not cause chemical residues to the skin: it contains only vegetable oils, essential oils, dried herbs, water, and NaOH. It completely does not contain colors, flavors, foaming agents, skin bleaches, emulsifiers … These industrial chemicals, if residue on the skin, will affect the user’s health as recommended by the medical agency US economy if used more than 1 time per day.

How can I choose the right bathroom hand soap for myself?

Some people may be confused about choosing the most suitable hand soap because if wrong, it will affect a lot to your skins. Therefore, you have to consider your type of skin clearly before purchasing the product.

  • Oily skin: his skin type is completely unsuitable for bathroom hand soap with humectants because they have strong water-absorbent properties. They can absorb water in the air, making the skin always moist that creates a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow and cause acne, skin rashes. You should use the best neutral soap or some soaps labeled as “for oily skin only”.
  • Dry skin: This skin type is easy to peel, not smooth and not shiny… perfectly suitable for fat bathroom hand soap. After use, the fat will cover a thin layer of skin with a moisturizer that will keep the skin soft and shiny. If you use neutral soap, your skin will get drier.
  • Normal skin: This skin type is neither greasy nor dry, and on average any product can be used, but it depends on the season. In the cold and dry season, use fatty bathroom hand soaps to prevent dry and chapped skin. In hot weather, using neutral soap is best, to avoid acne, rashes due to using shower gel and washing. 

Best bathroom hand soap FAQs:

How long should I wash my hands with bathroom hand soap?

A 20-second is the best time you should wash your hands with bathroom hand soap. In the event that you wash for a more limited time, you won’t eliminate as numerous germs. Make a point to scour all zones of your hands, including your palms, backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your fingernails.

How does handwashing with soap and water remove germs and chemicals?

Bathroom hand soap and water worked into a foam, trap and eliminate germs and synthetics from hands. Wetting your hands with clean water before applying cleanser causes you to improve foam than applying cleanser to dry hands. A decent foam structure pockets are considered micelles that trap and eliminate germs, hurtful synthetic compounds, and earth from your hands.

Washed with a cleanser and scouring your hands for 20 seconds is critical to this interaction because these activities genuinely annihilate germs and eliminate germs and synthetic compounds from your skin. At the point when you flush your hands, you wash the germs and synthetic compounds down the channel.

What is better: hand sanitizer or bathroom hand soap?

In some situations that you are at home or in a place that has been provided with soap and water, it is better to use bathroom hand soap for handwashing and personal hygiene. Using soap to wash your hands ensures comprehensive disease prevention, more optimal effectiveness, and softens the skin of your hands.

On the other hand, some types of hand sanitizer will contain antibacterial Triclosan, which can cause hormonal disturbances, reducing the ability of the immune system to function. Besides, you should choose to buy hand sanitizer to ensure origin and quality, over 60% alcohol to ensure clean bacteria.

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