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It is a good habit if you dry your hair before leaving the bathroom because it can improve your health and avoid some related issues such as a stroke. Therefore, a best bathroom hair dryer is a necessary item, especially for families that have older and young people.

This smart home appliance is specially designed to hang in the bathroom, so it is very safe, not afraid of the wet bathroom environment causing fire or damage. However, there are many different types of bathroom hair dryers. Let’s find out the top 5 best bathroom hair dryer in this article to select your most suitable product.


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Top 5 best bathroom hair dryer you may need

Top 1: ConairWall-Mount Hair Dryer with LED Night Light

Multifunctional feature

The capacity of the product is about 1600 watts and there are different degrees of temperature and fast drying speed. So your hair is dried quickly, saving you time and energy consumption. You can also use this hair dryer to style and flatter your hair. You can adjust the modes easily by switching the button on its body.

Easy installation

When buying the bathroom hairdryer, you will receive the installation instructions and guidelines to build it on your wall. It is quite easy and there are many steps for you to follow. You do not need to ask for any support. Moreover, this product will automatically turn off when placed on the mount. 

Light combo

Its design is smart because you can use the light from the bathroom hair dryer. Even you wash your hair at night, the LED light included is bright enough for you to use. It covers the place and is suitable for most bathrooms. 

Minus point: the bracket tabs of this bathroom hair dryer will loosen after a long time using.

Top 2: Andis QuietTurbo Wall Mounted HangUp Hair Dryer

Multifunctional feature

This bathroom hair dryer has a capacity of 1600 watts with 3 drying modes for you to choose the right temperature, free to style, and dry quickly. The ion drying mode with ions penetrates deeply into the hair, helping to take care of the hair to bring the hair shiny, without the frizz.


It is a safe and long-lasting product for users. This bathroom hair dryer will automatically disconnect when the temperature rises above the prescribed level to ensure the safety of the user as well as to ensure the durability of the machine. Also, it has Built-in Lifeline shock protection, avoiding some problems when you drop it out. 

Energy-saving light

You can use the light included in the product when drying your hair at the same time. This light is bright but does not cost much in your electricity bill. The nightlight saves more than other same products – one more outstanding point!

Minus point: it is a bit hard to install this bathroom hair dryer if you do it on your own.

Top 3: HOT TOOLS Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

Mode options

Do you believe that a bathroom hair dryer can have 6 heating options? It will be great because you can dry and style your hair in different types. With 1875 watts of power, everything can be done after few minutes. Moreover, it has an Icon function that helps to reduce heat, thereby keeping the necessary moisture for the hair, helping hair stay shiny and healthy. And extra connections (concentrator and diffuser) support you to upgrade delightful outcomes for genuinely salon-commendable completed styles.

Good power

Its power is high, helping wet hair quickly dry and contributing to energy saving. This bathroom hair dryer is equipped with a mechanism that allows the heat source to be always stable, avoiding the increasing heat that affects the hair. It also has a cool mode for dry hair without loss of moisture by heat.

Easy maintenance

A good bathroom hair dryer needs to be cleaned often. The removable build-up channel of this product makes cleaning easier and more convenient for you. When you notice there are some clouds of dust in it, use a soft towel to clean them.

Minus point: this bathroom hair dryer is a bit heavy.

Top 4: Simple Houseware Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Multifunction feature

If you seeking an item that can help you to style your hair perfectly, this bathroom hair dryer is the best choice! The narrow head design concentrates the airflow to help you create a variety of hairstyles to meet your needs. And the brush dryer helps increase the thickness and strength of the hair, reducing frizz when drying. The heating element is made of ceramic, which generates heat that helps to dry the hair and protects it from overheating.


The compact design makes it possible to carry it anywhere, and the rear hook is conveniently hung on the wall when not in use. This hook is ultrathin so it can accommodate your bathroom entryway and shield the cabinet from scratches.

Minus point: this bathroom hair dryer does not include screws to be installed. 

Top 5: Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer

Mode options

There are 3 heating and 2 speed modes available for you to switch to. It helps you to dry quickly without damaging the hair. Also, the machine operates with an anti-noise system. The narrow drying head focuses on airflow, hair styling to create thick, bouncy hairstyles. The ion drying feature eliminates static electricity, making hair silky and smooth.

Added feature

One more outstanding point of this product is the removable filter. It forestalls build-up development, broadening engine life. Therefore, you can make sure to use this bathroom hair dryer for a long time without being worried about how often you have to change to a new one. 

Minus point: the cord of this bathroom hair dryer is short.

Why should I buy a bathroom hair dryer?

You can see that most hotels provide bathroom hair dryer for the customers. That’s because of the outstanding advantages of this hair dryer below:

  • Convenience: Because of a special structure, the wire plugs directly into the wall. So when you finish washing your hair, you just need to go to the wall-mounted position. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a place where the hair dryer is, removing the messy wires, or finding an outlet like you would with other machines. Moreover, modern models, they also incorporate electronic clocks on the stand. This helps you to update and view the time quickly and easily.
  • Easy to use: bathroom hair dryers often have basic functions right on the body. They are similar to mini hair dryers. Therefore, users do not need to spend a lot of research. You can easily use it with just a glance.
  • Design: The bathroom hair dryer also scored points in the design stage. They possess an eye-catching, fashionable beauty that contributes to beautifying the space used. Moreover, on the market, this product line has many different designs and designs, giving customers many choices.

How can I choose the right bathroom hair dryer for my family?

Each person has different purposes and preferences when buying a bathroom hair dryer. Let’s determine yours to pick the most suitable one based on the things below:

  • Design: The dryer usually comes in two forms, the fixed handle, and the folding handle. The dryer has a rather compact and light folding handle, but you need to pay attention that the fold must be sensitive, not hissed or stuck. A dryer with a fixed handle may be a better choice because it will not cause the inner wire to break or damage while being folded over and over again.
  • Drying modes: The drying temperature affects the health of the hair. A dryer that takes good care of the user should have about 2-3 levels of drying such as drying, styling, … It depends on your needs to choose the right functions. 
  • Power: Flat-headed bathroom hair dryers usually focus wind and heat in one place, dry them quickly, and style easily. The fan-blade circular ones usually work with a uniform heat dissipation mode, a wide blow zone. 

Best bathroom hair dryer FAQs

Is it safe to use a bathroom hair dryer?

A bathroom hair dryer is safe because it is designed especially for the bathroom. However, you need to be careful when letting it expose much water. Try not to utilize it close to the bath, sink, or on a dangerous restroom floor. On the off chance that your hands are wet, dry them first.

Moreover, try not to work hairdryer close to inflammable materials like liquor, fundamental oil items, paper, or over a cover. Block over the air gulf ought to be eliminated.

Can I keep my bathroom hair dryer on for a long time?

It is not good because it can damage your bathroom hair dryer. You should turn it off right after drying your hair to avoid some problems such as children can get burnt when touching it.

A new bathroom hair dryer can work for about 600-800 hours that means 300-400 drying uses. It is a quite long time for you before you have to purchase a different one.

Will cold hair dryer be bad for my hair?

The temperature likewise relies upon the surface of your hair. In the event that you have thick, coarse hair, you need a higher temperature to work your look, while assuming you have fine hair, you might need to keep the warmth at a lower setting in order to evade further harm. Therefore, it is not true to say the cold hair dryer will be bad since cool air in a real sense helps chill your hair off, seals the fingernail skin of the hair shaft, and secures the style set up.

What temperature mode should I use to dry my hair?

You should turn on the dryer at a temperature of about 57 degrees C is most appropriate. At this temperature, hair can easily dry and style hair in the shortest amount of time. At the same time, it also helps to keep the appropriate humidity, maintain the hair’s elasticity and avoid breakage.

Remember to keep the distance between the dryer and the hair about 15-20cm. And do not let the dryer directly reach the hair, especially the ends. Let the dryer tilt at an angle of 30 degrees and dry it down the hair direction to avoid hair damage. 

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