Best Bathroom Fan Heaters – A Simple Guide & Outstanding Brand

This article will give you a simple guide on the best bathroom fan heaters and looking at the market outstanding brands currently.

In the winter, bathing in cold weather is not good for your body and easily lets you be sick. In order to be healthy these days, people often use a bathroom fan heater and turn it on 10 minutes before bathing to warm the bathroom.

You can buy a bathroom fan heater immediately when it is widely sold on the streets, but there are many fake or counterfeit goods that do not meet the standards. So how can you choose the right fan heater for your family? Let’s find out the top 5 best bathroom fan heaters in this article!


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Top 5 best bathroom fan heaters for your need

Top 1: Broan-NuTone 665RP Bath Fan with Heater

Good power

This bathroom fan heater receives many good compliments about its power. It provides 1300 watts that can be suitable for both small and medium bathrooms. Moreover, the fan combo included is one more outstanding point of this product. The fan can work at 100 watts. It is convenient when you can switch to different modes or turn them on together: the heater and the fan.

Easy installation

Everything is provided in the product when you buy it. Therefore, you do not need to worry about what you have to buy more to install. The installation process is easy to do, just takes about 30 minutes to complete. You do not need to ask for any support since you will receive installation instructions and guidelines. 

Good design

This bathroom fan heater is small and modern so it can fit most bathroom styles. Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit is built into your roof so everything except the light and white grille shows in your space for a spotless appearance. 

Minus point: when you turn the heater and the fan at the same time, it will bring a bit of loud noise. 

Top 2: Broan-NuTone Adjustable Bathroom Heater

Good power

Its power is 1500 watts. It can cover the heat for small and medium bathrooms well. Moreover, you can control the light and fan of this product. The light can produce up to 100 watts in the day and 7 watts for a nightlight. 

Easy installation

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the installation process. It is quite easy so you can do it on your own, without any support. After purchasing the bathroom fan heater, you will receive all installation instructions and guidelines so read them carefully. Or if you have any questions, you can call the hotline of the brand.

Good design

It is suitable for you to place it on the wall or on the ceiling. You do not need to worry about how to match it will be when installing it in your bathroom because this bathroom fan heater is small and white. It will look modern and stylish.

Minus point: this bathroom fan heater may not produce enough heat for large bathrooms. 

Top 3: Broan-NuTone 162 Type IC Infrared Ceiling Heater

Good power

One more product of Broan-NuTone is on the list so you can make sure about the efficiency of this bathroom fan heater. It can generate enough heat for small and medium bathrooms. This product uses BR40 infrared bulb to cover all the places in the bathroom. You can have a relaxing time after a long day working and studying. 

Heater and fan combo

The combination of heater and fan is amazing. You will have the comfort immediately without turning up the focal indoor regulator for cash-saving warmth. Moreover, its performance does not bring much noise as other same products. It is an excellent choice for you if you want a quiet item.

Easy installation

The installation instructions and guidelines are all included in the product when you buy it. You can follow these steps and start to install your bathroom fan heater. There are solid steel lodging, movable mounting sections with keyhole spaces, and modules forever greased up the engine, making your process more easy and convenient.

Minus point: this bathroom fan heater may not be suitable for large bathrooms.

Top 4: Broan-NuTone 765H80LB Bathroom Exhaust Heater

Good power

This bathroom fan heater is high-quality and produces heat enough. Its power operates at a 1300-Watt heater. Before taking a bath, you just have to turn it on for about 5 minutes. Then you can be relaxed and comfortable in the warmth of the product.

Fan and light combo

Besides the main heating function, this product provides a fan and light combo to support your needs. The fan works at 80 CFM speed and 2.0 sones for calm working execution. Moreover, it can utilize either LED or glowing lighting and a more brilliant white grille that match the existing stylistic theme.


The brand attaches much more importance to customer experience. It offers a 1-year warranty for any mistakes in your product. If there are some problems happen, do not hesitate to contact the hotline and you will receive support after few days. 

Minus point: it is a bit hard to install this bathroom fan heater.

Top 5: Broan-Nutone 9427P Bulb Heater and Fan

Heater and fan combo

Good combination! Its presentation doesn’t bring a lot of clamor as other same items. You can use both heater and fan features at the same time or turn each of them separately for your own purposes. It is a brilliant decision for you on the off chance that you need a thing serving different needs for your family.

Easy installation

Everything is given in the item when you get it. Accordingly, you don’t have to stress over what you need to purchase more to introduce. The establishment interaction is not difficult to do, simply requires around 30 minutes to finish. You don’t have to request any help since you will get establishment directions and rules.

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Why should I buy a bathroom fan heater?

A bathroom fan heater is a necessary item for the winter. It not only brings warm heat for users but also improves their health after a long time using.

  • Quickly warm the space used: The bathroom fan heater operates on the principle of infrared radiation, heating quickly in seconds. Thanks to that, the bathroom temperature is warmed up in an instant, preparing an ideal space for your relaxing bath time. This will be a great time to relax, especially in cold weather.
  • Good support for health: Bathroom fan heaters are used to support the health of family members, especially in supporting bone and joint diseases, pain relief, and mental relaxation after hours of stress and fatigue.
  • Energy-saving: Bathroom fan heaters save energy better than other heating devices. Some heaters also have a self-shutdown feature when the temperature is high, ensuring safety for users.

Especially, for families with the elderly and young children, buying a bathroom fan heater becomes even more reasonable. The above subjects often have low health and resistance so the change of weather can adversely affect them, not only causing illness but also creating feelings of discomfort or fear when bathing. A bathroom fan heater will be the solution for families with this particular concern.

How can I choose the right bathroom fan heater for my family?

Buying the right type of bathroom fan heater may be confusing since there are many products available in the market. The most suitable one will be based on many factors like the size or your purposes.

  • The size of the fan heater: you should determine the size of your bathroom before purchasing the bathroom fan heater because it can affect how well it works. For example, a small fan heater will generate less power and CFM so it is not suitable for large bathrooms. 
  • Installation: there are different types of bathroom fan heaters. Some products can be built in the ceiling while the others can be installed on a wall. After deciding the place, pick a model with the fitting size channel connector for your bathroom.
  • Add features: many brands add more features to the bathroom fan heater today. Besides the main heating function, it can bring good light and humidity sensors. Moreover, you can choose a product that has automatic control to easily adjust the mode. 

Best bathroom fan heaters FAQs:

Is it safe to put a fan heater in the bathroom?

It’s ideal to keep electrical machines, for example, a bathroom fan heater, away from water sources because we all know that how dangerous it is when it exposes to water. However, we get that it’s likewise not ideal to venture out of the shower into a cold restroom. Some people suggest that you can place the bathroom fan heater direct to where you take shower. 

How can I clean the bathroom fan heater?

The bathroom fan heater should be cleaned every six months. This time is not too long but not too short to keep it work well. When purchasing the product, you will receive the cleaning instructions so remember to read them carefully. The first step is always to turn off the power button and electricity to avoid some related issues. If the dust covers your fan heater, it will reduce the efficiency of its work. 

How long can I leave a bathroom fan heater?

You can turn on the bathroom fan heater during your bathing time, about 20-30 minutes. On the off chance that it’s run excessively long, it can cause major issues and become a fire risk. Remember to turn off the bathroom fan heater before leaving the bathroom because it is not good to turn it on all night. Probably you do not want to think about this situation when the fan heater is too hot.

What are the things I should notice when placing the bathroom fan heater?

  • Use in well-ventilated areas: Do not use the heater in closed rooms and small areas for a long time. It is best to use fans in well-ventilated rooms, helping to regulate oxygen.
  • Keep out of reach of children: When in use, heat fans should be kept out of reach of children and avoid letting fans blow on babies for long periods of time directly. You should only set the fan at the right temperature so that the fan can automatically switch off when the required warm-up temperature reaches the required temperature. Children should not be near the heater even when it stops working because they can easily get burnt.
  • Create fan breaks: Do not use the heater for a long time and do not leave the fan in the bathroom because when exposed to humid air, splashing water in the shower will easily cause a fire.

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