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Back to many moons ago, using fragrances to clean foul smells away was prevalent as proven to be a very effective way in the process of air refreshment. Since then, human beings have started conducting scores of researches with the purpose of enhancing our fellows’ experience and fostering a sense of well-being as such. As a consequence, air fresheners appeared and have constantly evolved in the past few years irrespective of perfumes’ first place for many centuries. As a customer, I have already posted a bunch of questions related to air fresheners specifically for bathrooms and deliberately found 5 of the best air fresheners for bathroom worth being reviewed most below. I cannot assure all of my experience accumulated so far will work with other people well, but, at least, spending time having yourself more choices to take into consideration is a trade-off you don’t hesitate to make, I guess. Let’s take a glance at the list brought to you today, feel the words, and have your decision made on your own.



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Top 5 Best Air Freshener for bathrooms

The best air freshener for bathrooms: Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus Scent, 2 Fl Oz

  • Plus points:

Fragrance for comfort experience: Just find your comfort when using the bathroom without leaving any vestige? Probably you are highly sensitive and this is totally okay as I will tell you a secret about what I mostly use when going out of the toilet, that is Poo-Pourri. It is refined from the very comfortably familiar materials available around us, from lemon, bergamot to lemongrass.

Health-protective spray: If you still worry about toxic additives of the product as usual, as I was saying before, due to the very strict selection process of materials, there will be non-toxic ingredients added. Even if you linger on a little bit to inhale the gentle fresh scent coming out and diffusing itself in the air, no harm is detected for sure. It sounds like I am a weirdo waiting in the bathroom to enjoy the relaxing fragrance, but in fact, I guess a lot of people share the same interest. Absolutely safe for your health, then, be willing to enjoy the best air surrounded by this kind of spray.

  • Minus point: Nothing is perfect when it comes to personal tastes, and this one is not an exception also. Different people like different things. I hold the belief that most, if not all, have some sort of citrus oil in them. Therefore, that is something to consider if you absolutely are allergic to lemon or bergamot as such.

Another perfect choice for the best air freshener specialized for bathrooms: Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener Gel, After the Rain, 7 Ounces (6 Count)

  • Plus points: 

A gentle scent for even the most critical customers: Reviving your senses and rekindling the innermost feelings of your carefree youth would fill you with a bit of nostalgia as the brand aims at serving your best experience with a relaxing aroma.

The scent remains for longer: As romantic as your love is, there comes a time for discrepancies and quarrels, even break-ups later on, but do not lose interest in all beautiful things life brings to you as a precaution for not having to witness an end. At least, this vial remains fresh continuously without showing any sign of fading out especially in narrow spaces like a bathroom.

Flexible and easy to use: You can easily adjust the cone to the level of fragrance which seems to be perfect for you. What’s more? I gotta say that the strongest point of this air freshener is the state of working well with no outlets or batteries needed. In the case that you are cautious about non-biodegradable products, this would be an out-of-this-world option.

  • Minus point: fragrance appears to be not as strong as per the expectation of some people.

One more option proven to be one of the best: Glade PlugIns Refills Air Freshener Starter Kit, Scented Oil for Home and Bathroom, Apple Cinnamon, 3.35 Fl Oz, 1 Warmer + 5 Refills

  • Plus points: 

Home- where is it? Here it is: No matter where you are, either at home or outside, taking this small air freshener along certainly reactivates your hidden strong desire to get home as it brings you the taste of being free in your own bathroom.

Adjustable fragrance warmer: Nothing is better than having your minds filled with a whole garden surrounded by loads of types of scrumptious ripe fruit trees and flowers around, right? I am certain that we are all keen on it. But how to deal with the situation in which you cannot have one to chill? This electronic diffusing air freshener will appear as a replacement for your desired real fragrance because when it is plugged in, it plays the key role of a fragrance warmer working its best up to 50 days continuously. 

Multipurpose use: You may feel a bit confused as the product can serve as a multipurpose when it can be an air freshener for any use anywhere inside your house, ranging from the living room to the bathroom as well.

  • Minus point: the scent produced occasionally is not as strong as the ones you may find at stores. 

Back to the traditional way of making your bathroom a lot more flagrant with one of the best sprays ever: Caldrea Linen and Room Spray Air Freshener, Made with Essential Oils, Plant-Derived and Other Thoughtfully Chosen Ingredients, Sea Salt Neroli Scent, 16 oz (Packaging May Vary)

  • Plus points:

New look: I have unceasing enthusiasm for change, and that’s the primary reason why I love this model as it has changed a whole lot compared to the previous ones like Room Spray Air Freshener working as a diffuser for your bathroom to be freshened. 

Versatility: Versatility is the best aspect that I have great affection for as thoughtfully refined ingredients actually make the products widely applicable regardless of your demands.

Freshen your items right after: Get bored of clothes, carpets, car seats and a lot of other things soon to be ruined in terms of fragrance and prefer a suitable air freshener to have its freshness released, isn’t it worth spending? All is up to you.

  • Minus points: 

Its ingredients at times can cause allergies.

Every now and then customers claim the product to be less fragrant than expected or even unscented. 

The last one in the list of best-proven air fresheners for the bathroom: Febreze Air Freshener Heavy Duty Spray, Odor Eliminator, Crisp Clean, 8.8 Oz (Pack of 3)

  • Plus points: 

A fast and furious tool to clean odors away: As aimed by the manufacturer, Febreze has fulfilled its mission to clean away odors and offer users freshness with a gentle scent immediately after being diffused. What I am into of the brand is that its fragrance is never overpowering but enough for the sake of the best experience. 

Multipurpose use: As usual, when thinking of air fresheners, we hold stereotypes that it is just specialized for the bathroom as much, but that has been demonstrated to be not true so far as its functions serve a wide range of spaces, such as entryways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets or even more if possible. 

  • Minus point: not used for people who are allergic to perfume and incense, as this is as similar as either of these because you may have a serious allergy attack as recommended. 

Noticeable factors to consider:

Reasons why you should have an air freshener for your bathroom:

  • Nobody loves to spend time unavoidably in a smelly bathroom, but unluckily odors can and do frequently occur. In a public bathroom or a shared bathroom at any office, the lavatory is used at a higher frequency and chances are odors occurring more and more. An air freshener helps in removing these odors to keep the bathroom always smells fresh and clean as far as possible.
  • No matter who it’s for, a fresh bathroom experience obviously makes a big difference. It may sound ridiculous as your clients don’t visit your office exclusively to use your lavatories, but a smelly or dirty washroom will most impress them negatively.

In this situation, using an automatic air freshener will proactively keep your bathroom fresh most of the time and concomitantly help make sure that your clients and customers enjoy the best moments being in your office.

How do you choose the best air freshener for bathrooms?

If you intend to afford one, what you should choose is based mostly on your own need and preference also. There are some types of air fresheners for you to consider:

  • Electric: they work with an electrical resistance heating the perfume and diffusing it. They are very multifaceted, as users can feel much easier to adjust fragrances according to a specific season. The generation of electricity consumption estimated is inconsequential.
  • Automatic: they need batteries to be active in a way that automatically makes the air quality better in every short spray. The interval between doses can be adjusted from the diffuser unit of the product.


Can it be harmful?

Cleaning products of all kinds may contain chemicals. But air fresheners particularly can pose some obvious risks as following ones. Scientifically, there’s recent research pointing out the fact that women who use sprays and other cleaning products generally once a week may get diminished lung function.

If the aforementioned product harms you to some extent, how to cope with it?

Old coffee grounds are scientifically proven to be effective at absorbing airborne particles directly creating odors and circulate them all-around a particular space; place these grounds in bowls around the necessary spots and wait for unwelcome smells to be alternatively eliminated. How about other ways? You may resort to baking soda as it works the same way traditionally as a natural-solution. Try putting those two replacements at the bottom of your trash can, for example, to deter smells from spreading out.

Are you still confused about the disparity between perfumes and air fresheners? Here you are at the right website:

Perfumes function in a different way in comparison with your standard air freshener. At times, the former seems to be a lot more expensive than the latter one, for sure. Perfume basically contains water molecules that are temporarily integrated and break away from each other when they are diffused into the air. 

On the other hand, air fresheners linger in the air freshening the unexpected smell or generally combine with the stinky odor molecules and then eliminate them.

Some tips when using air freshener you may be interested in:

  • The saturated spray is supposed to be safe but the scent might be too strong for some people. There is no denying that spraying in one area of the couch won’t hurt the fabric or the people in the room but the scent may be too concentrated and thus too strong to properly have any positive effects.
  • Everyone’s taste of smell is different so try using several kinds of sprays first to check if the scent suits your preference as the scent itself sometimes can make or break an item.
  • A few sprays are enough If you only desire to neutralize odor. The special formulation is aimed to help break down odor particles into odorless gas.

Personally, I highly recommend you to give the second name in the review a try, as it fitted me well regarding both pros and cons and there is a likelihood that you may share my opinion also.

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