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It has long been since the day humans started thinking about clothes as an essential not just for covering the body and keeping heat, but also for specific needs; and one of the inventions stemming from that probably is the bathrobe. All of us love to wrap ourselves with a cozy and fluffy bathrobe right after getting out of the bathroom or on a cold day. It is a very special piece of clothing bringing us warmth and stylishness whenever getting dressed. But how to select the right one for your body? Taking a look at my following list consisting of the best bathrobes and slippers, you will perhaps have your own answer. 


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Top 5 best bathrobes and slippers you should not miss

Top 1: Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear Matching Slippers Girls Gifts

Plus points: 

  • Colorful: Adults may not understand the reasons why kids love bathrobes specialized for them only, but this makes sense, because most of them are still kinda carefree with their thoughts, and have a tendency to love something colorful, even though it is just clothes. This bathrobe can be a surprise for your kids, I think so.
  • High-quality: A set of clothes cannot be long-lasting if it is just designed to be good-looking only. When it comes to purchasing a bathroom, the same concern comes to you surely. But don’t worry, as this product is designed not only for being attractive but also durable with high-quality materials.
  • Highly recommended for girls: This is specifically made for girls since it looks funny and colorful, so you can basically give it as a present for your daughters on their birthdays, or simply recommend it to your friends whose girls. I make sure no complaints about that.
  • Safe: As colorful as it looks, it is tested to be one-hundred-percent safe for children of all ages. Even if you love being a kid, you can still give it a try as all ages love its appearance.

Minus point:

  • It is short then not that suitable for tall kids to put on.

Top 2: KEMUSI Hooded Herringbone Women’s Soft Spa Long Kimono Bathrobe

Plus points:

  • High-quality: Made of 100% polyester, this can be worn after drying the body, or simply put on prior to hitting the sack with relaxation and comfort. You can sense the difference only when trying.
  • Really fit: Have you ever dreamt of a bathrobe that is not too long, not too short, just fits your whole body, but that seems nowhere to be found? Been there, done that! I have been in search of this brand for so long, but it is worth what I was looking for.
  • Stylish and gorgeous: It is statistically pointed out that 80% of men love the moment women get out of the bathroom with a bathrobe around their attractive body, they say it is extremely sexy and desirable. In the meanwhile, women feel the same thing when it comes to men also. But where to find a bathrobe like that said? Here you are!
  • Good customer service: You can literally expect to return the product during the first 60 days after purchase and don’t be hesitant to contact the customer service team for more details.

Minus point:

  • Its materials are not as soft as per the expectation of some customers, maybe including you. 

Top 3: Just Love Printed Plush Robe for Women

Plus points:

  • Supreme comfort: Designed using the finest ultra-soft velour, this is specifically made for women for better comfort whenever bathing. Warmth is ensured right after you get out of the bathroom.
  • Calming colors: We are not kids anymore, so probably something multicolored seems to be out of place when being worn. This features calming colors for a classic look. Your partners will surely praise you for aesthetically having an eye for fashion.
  • Great fit: Online stores normally will be unreliable when it comes to size, in the sense that we cannot physically check on the product before having it delivered. However, this bathrobe is flexibly designed to fit with a range of humans with different body sizes, thus, you can be completely relieved when selecting your go-to bathrobe.

Minus point:

  • The robe is actually thick, so it is obviously incompatible with customers who often feel super cold after taking a bath and need a warmer cover.

Top 4: Nautica Men’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Cotton Woven Robe

Plus points:

  • Highly-selected materials: With the supplement of 100% cotton, your robe is super soft and potentially protects your body from every breeze after bathing. Good material leads to a better experience all the time, believe me!
  • Machine wash: Don’t easily compromise convenience over durability, because it is not actually worth doing that. Maybe people think that bathrobes generally cannot stand the test of washing machines and then most choose to manually wash it. However, with this brand, their offer is ensured to be compatible with washing machines and after scores of use, it would be still as durable as such.
  • Fully-covered: Men basically don’t care much about being sexy after bathing, so this one is perhaps suitable for those. Your body will be fully covered but still looks as gorgeous as possible. This sounds so perfect, isn’t it?

Minus point:

  • It features an extra-large size, as analyzed, so if you intend to wear it while you are vertically challenged a bit, it looks so bizarre and inconvenient too. 

Top 5: Abstract Bath Robe Towel Men’s and Boys 100% Cotton Hooded

Plus points:

  • High-quality: Made from 100% terry cloth cotton inside, the product is far softer and more absorbent for use. No one refuses the comfort of being covered by a bathrobe that is nothing but a massage machine.
  • Stylish: A stunning roomy robe with a sexy hood is suitable for every man in this world, as none of them dares to say that they hate being stylish. Nothing is more fantastic than seeing a man get dressed well with a bathrobe, the atmosphere would be one-hundred-percent more romantic.
  • Convenient and comfortable: You can put your bands on each side of the pocket equipped on both sides. It helps you to carry stuff like remote and loads of more useful items at home. Its materials, furthermore, give you a sense of pleasure while having it covered your whole body.
  • Keep the heat inside: This bathrobe comes with a belt and loops at the same time, enabling you to keep the heat of the body inside all the time, especially when taking a bath on a freezing day of the winter.
  • Range of colors: Being available in blue and navy colors, it offers you more chances of getting yourself the right go-to color for your style on the basis of personalization.

Minus point:

  • It has a lot of threads left over from the manufacturing process, lowering its aesthetics substantially. 

Why should you need a bathrobe anyway?

Having a bathrobe comes with many advantages. There is also a vast variety of robes for sale on the market. One of the biggest benefits of buying a bathrobe is that you can use it to cover up at once after getting out of the bath or shower surely.

When you use a bathrobe in place of a towel, it will keep you warm and deter you from getting cold all the time needed. Most robes are specifically designed to help your body dry off when you are still soaking wet. Common fabrics like cotton and terry are exceptionally excellent at absorbing water for sure. Furthermore, hooded bathrobes are common also, in view of their ability to provide warmth to the head.

Robes are also prevalent at the beach. They are ideal to take along with you when you plan to spend a day on the beach in the sense that they can be basically used to protect you from the sun and wind and dry you off as you get out of the water later.

Additionally, bathrobes are commonly used in the house. This is fundamental because of the comfort that they offer. Most people use them when they wake up in the morning as well as before they go to bed. Also, you no longer have to be worried about someone seeing you in your bathrobe anymore. With all of the designs and styles all the time on offer, it isn’t weird for people to check their mail or entertain guests while still wearing their bathrobe for sure.

Best bathrobes and slippers FAQs:

How many types of fabric when it comes to bathrobe?

Bathrobes are generally made in a range of fabric options that offer unrelated textures and weights. Prevalent bathrobe materials are satin, terry cloth and Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, from time to time fleece, micro plush, occasionally cotton waffle weave, and silk as well. The type of fabric you choose is dependent on texture preferences, absorption, and seasons surely. For instance, a fleece or microplush bathrobe is fantastic for chilly weather, but satin and waffle knit robes are also ideal, lightweight options for warm seasons as much.

What are the differences between certain types of cotton for bathrobe?

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton are perhaps the most popular bathrobe materials, particularly when it comes to spa-quality robes. The main difference between these two materials is absorbency. Egyptian cotton fibers are basically long and can be spun into dense and absorbent threads pulling moisture away from the body of the person wearing it. On the other hand, Turkish cotton fibers are kinda long, thin, and a little less absorbent than Egyptian cotton to some degree. Nonetheless, Turkish cotton turns softer and fluffier over time, making it one of the best materials for long-term comfort and use ultimately.

How to use bathrobes for the bath?

Actually, this one is super easy. And despite this being a less common occasion, I really hope that there would be the right time to occasionally spoil yourself with a tub full of hot-enough water and your go-to scented bath bomb as well.

Once you have been satisfied with your soak (a small tip: it’s an amazing time to catch up with your latest podcast obsession as much as possible), you could just pluck a bath towel from the rack as well as dry yourself off that way too. But that wouldn’t really make you feel special, right?

You can keep pampering yourself by making a choice from a range of bathrobes instead. No matter its price is, a bathrobe made of soft terry cloth will be a perfect spa robe. It will always feel luxurious for you whenever bathing.

What is the difference between a robe and a bathrobe?

It is kinda obvious for the difference between robe and bathrobe is that robe is actually a long loose outer garment that often signifies honorary stature especially used for important occasions, to be more specific. In the meanwhile, a bathrobe is a robe usually made of terrycloth that is intended to be worn when one is still wet from bathing or when there is no immediate need to fully dress such as a guest coming around or urgent work needed.

That is the main difference between a robe and a bathrobe. By definition, it is a lot different from each other, so keep in mind not to be confused when it comes to choosing the best bathrobe. 

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